Friday, February 2, 2007

Not that you asked...

...but I'm going to tell you anyway.

My blog title comes from my daughter. A few years back she spent the night at a girlfriend's. A girlfriend whose mother happens to be my very best friend on earth. We met through our daughters and a school thingy called "Destination Imagination". PF (that's what we'll call the mom) was the coach and it was crazy wild how much we agreed upon. It's wild to find a good friend at 29 years old, but it happened. Unfortunately/fortunately for our daughters they can't not get along now even if they wanted to, because they're stuck with each other.

Back to the story. The aforementioned (the friend) has a little sister, and they both invited a few friends over for a sleep over...or maybe it was a birthday party-I can't quite remember, but I digress. They were doing all manner of slumber party-ish type things i.e. Bloody Mary, Light as a Feather, "mom we're hungry...feed us now!" and, of course, the "seance"... Only the girls could not stop laughing every time the seance was begun. The leader ( I think it was my daughter) would start,"Are there any spirits in here?" *snort* *giggle* *blurt*...and all would dissolve. This led my daughter to exasperation beyond belief. Hilarity was not welcome during this most serious adventure. So, somehow, a written promise was proposed, and signed by all the girls there. At the top, in blue ink "I promise not to laugh during the seance" and on the bottom the various scribbled signatures of all who were there.

I always meant to write a book by that title. But it's not bad as a blog.