Saturday, February 16, 2008

Virtual Postcard

7:21 AM-and I'm listening to a cajun version of "Amazing Grace"...

We made it in actually a half hour earlier than we were scheduled to. I have a GPS so we were able to rent a car and drive to Leonard's cousin R's (I'm using initials to protect their identities) house. They hadn't told their children, M and N, so I had James call M and act like he was still in MI. We drove up while they were on the phone and Nik videotaped walking in the door. The look on M's face was hysterical-she couldn't figure out what was going on.

On the up side, it's so very good to see them. We're all going on a road trip to San Antonio today... They've never been either, so it will be new for everyone. On the down side, I have a cold. A "I need to go lie down for a minute and end up waking up 4 hours later" type cold. But, it's been a good time so far anyway.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And we're off...

Thanks everyone, for your good wishes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Packing By Way of Procrastinating

It always works for me. Bank? Check. Dog Food? Check. Cat Food? Check. Laundry done? OMG LOL. Bills paid? See previous answer. Of course, I should be doing all of this, and a report I need to get done before we take off tomorrow. But, instead, I am going to do this meme from Courtney, because it looks like fun.

Four Things....

Four Jobs I have had:

Waitress (for 28 days)
Cosmetologist (I still "dabble" with my license and close friends)
Real Estate Appraiser (What I still do, and what the heck was I thinking?)

4 places I've been

Ontario, Canada (many times)
Orlando, FL (once)
Los Angeles,CA (twice, because I am a bad sister)
Washington, D.C. (National Spelling Bee, with our daughter

4 movies I've watched over and over

Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club
The Wizard of Oz
Schindler's List

4 shows I watch

America's Next Top Model (*blush*, and I'm done after Saleisha)
Ghost Hunters (because it's on when I am working, and the kids are watching)
Project Runway (***deeper blush***)
ER (it has really gotten very good, and is filled with current issues, if you're an old fan)

4 places I'd rather be right now

With my husband (I'm not allowed to type that four times, am I?)
Sleeping peacefully
Houston (oh wait, that's tomorrow)
In someone else's shoes

4 people who e-mail me regularly (not too many do)

Diana (stop with the d*mned forwards already)
****man, this one is hard because, for me, regularly would mean someone who has emailed this month****
Jackie and/or Mel
RachD (that means a lot to me)
Richard (he used to email every day, but not so much anymore)

4 favorite things to eat

Trader Joes twisted bread sticks
Baked fish

4 places I've lived
***In the order I lived there
Grafton, WI
Winston Salem, NC
Greendale, WI
Clinton Twp, MI

4 things I look forward to this new year (Oh no...bear with me here)

The part where Fates decide this was all a big mistake
Traveling with the kids aka escaping
Our daughter's graduation (oh so bittersweet)
A time when this won't keep snowballing into periods of tremendous pain.

4 people I tag

Made In Heaven
I Got Two, Babe
Family Adventures

It is snowing like a snowy day in February out there. I hope it stops before tomorrow because I will begin pulling my teeth out with a pliers if any more plans fall through.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Destination set, reservations made...thanks Dad.

I spent most of this weekend thinking that I would end up taking the kids on a trip to North Carolina and Winston Salem, where I lived for awhile as a child. But, I couldn't make my mind up. My dad had come over. He suggested Chicago. Another cold, windy, dreary place...just on the other side of the lake. Yes, I know, Chicago is a wonderful place and I cannot wait to visit again. When memories don't stab (I hope that happens sometime) I will visit again. But Chicago is so very Leonard. So very Leonard and my childhood. It's an empty, hollow place for me right now, although I have always loved the museums (we often took school trips for WI) and my favorite zoo (Lincoln Park) is there. Another time...maybe.

Then, we looked into flights to LA to (finally) visit our 2 year old nephew and 3 year old niece...but... I just cannot do the things we did together. Just as I was giving up, ready to slam shut the top of this computer and ad popped up. "Last minute deals to Houston"... This is where Leonard's cousin (like a brother-see prev. posts) and his wife (one of my favorite people) live. And they had a good deal, with a rental car. So we'll be going there. Nothing like booking a flight in 10 minutes, when 20 mintues before you hadn't the foggiest, really, about what you would do.

It all comes down to needing to run away. Hoping it will ease some of this overwhelming crushed feeling I've been having lately. But realizing I really have no where to go hurts a bit. Where I want to be is an impossibility in this lifetime, and I think I shall spend the rest of looking for replacements.

James is really excited. Traveling with him has always been fun and I cannot wait to see him and his cousin together, if only for a little while, again.

Thanks again for your suggestions.