Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A mushy post about my son

I am sitting here, at the breakfast bar, looking at my son's to do list. No, I didn't assign him chores. He assigned them himself.

In lopsided printing it goes something like this (words in parenthesis are my additions):

My Chores

1. Straighten ("Mom, how do you spell straighten?) room every day.
2. Clean/scrub my bathroom once a week.
3. Mow lawn and do outside work once a week.

Both Things (meaning both of us)

Go through boxes (hey, don't's only been a year and 4 months!)

Mom's things

Everything else there is to do.


I am honored to have this child in my life. While it is a struggle to (almost have to) force him to be a little boy, the things he does around the house to help out are amazing. I never have to worry about what a guest might find in that bathroom. I know where all of his laundry is on laundry day. These are the best parts of his daddy that I am watching come through in his son. Leonard would be so proud. Now if I could only get him to let go of the uber responsibility streak (the worst part of his daddy) I would be a happy girl.

Nicole (it is so difficult to speak of her without missing her) is going back for a second year at "the Point" as a ride host. "The Point" is Cedar Point for those who do not live in or near the Great Lakes area. While I wish she would go back to school...she is happy.

I wind this up with a shout out to my friend Rach, who is a new mommy, again, to a beautiful baby girl. Welcome to the world Eleanor. You could not have been born into a more wonderful family.