Friday, July 27, 2007

Confessions of a (somewhat) Distracted Mind

I confess. I am hopelessly addicted to watching "America's Next Top Model". I only just started this addiction, after spending two years laughing, pointing and poking fun of my daughter for watching...and then finding myself a lump on the couch-watching the Saturday (or Friday!) Marathons they run. Ooooh, Nik was totally robbed! ...and I totally have a hard time believing that Amanda was really "that" blind in cycle 3 (please forgive if I am totally wrong and you have since seen her not seeing anything somewhere). I think I need help because the tivo is completely weighed down with scheduled episodes to tape so I can "catch up" for next cycle and my husband is giving me odd looks.

(although I caught him checking it out the other morning at 2 am...he says it's because the girls are "hot" but we then had a lengthy discussion on Anchal's "issues")

Also, what about that show on the BBC... "How Clean is Your House"? My husband and I cannot help ourselves; we tivo and watch it like a train wreck in progress. Are people's homes seriously that disgustingly gross? I confess-three times I have literally gagged and ran for the bathroom. Especially when Aggie (who really appears to get into the scientific tests while Kim is the S&M style give it all you got, whip you into shape you Naughty, naughty dog type) does her "results". Please don't read further if you are easily grossed out, for I fear I shall yak just by typing this but, "fecal matter in the kitchen?" ack! "Dust mite poop being breathed in?? *gurgle* Okay, that's enough... Bleh. Again, no idea. But we are avid tuner inners. And, I always feel infinitely better about my skills after a half hour or so of watching. I mean, at least I have no silver fish scuttling through my kitchen, after all, and my oven is clean.

And, I still think Nik was a better high fashion model than Nicole... so there. Maybe I am partial to the name.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Didn't We Just Do This???

It came to me just now, as the grill heats up and the fries begin sizzling...that my son's birthday is in two weeks... Wha-? That can't be. Didn't we just do this 11 months and a dozen or so days ago?? Here I spent the day feeling on top of things. And now...the birthday planning thing pops up.

If I were the kind of person who was really good at organizing, I'd be delighted to plan this. If I wasn't the kind of person who waits until the *very last day* to run to Party City to pick up plates and napkins...right between the mad dash to Costco and the cake pick up from Baskin Robbins... all would be well. I am, as becomes glaringly apparent from reading this blogs who kind of waits for things to happen. I like it that way, but then hate it that way on the day before. I tell myself that "tomorrow I will get it together and start these things sooner"... after all, tomorrow is another day. But that's been used before, and look where it got poor Scarlett.

I see this penchant for procrastination showing up in my daughter. The book report she received the directions for two weeks ago? Ahhh... she's got all Sunday night before it's due to work on it. And she manages. And I try to talk to her about how this could be not a good thing. This, indeed, could be a very bad thing. She could end up like me. The one with the five weeks old reports stacked precariously like so many annoying little desk mess makers, waiting to be filed. The one who (too many times) sends out birthday gifts to her nieces together. Which would be okay, if one wasn't born in May and the other in September. Which reminds me that my nephew's birthday present (July 10th) needs to go out tomorrow.

Maybe that "tomorrow" thing worked out for Scarlett every once in awhile. I'll think more about this then. Tomorrow that is.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

T-Minus two hours

Today I am cleaning my new oven. Okay, I am not "really" cleaning my oven because apparently all I have to do is push a button (or two because I didn't choose three hours, I went with two because it's really not that messy and it smells horrible when it heats up and is still newish...) and pretty much sit here and blog, and read other people's blogs, and respond to blogs. It takes me forever to make what I consider a "commitment" to oven cleaning. Even though there is no physical exertion (unless you count crossing and uncrossing my legs, because sitting on this bar stool in the kitchen can really make a girl's legs fall asleep, physical exertion). One must have two hours(or three..if you're really going to have at it) in which they won't suddenly feel the need to run to the store, or the park, or take a nap in which to do it. Even though I spend an average of 23 1/2 hours at home most days...I still hesitate to make that commitment. Because there appears to be no way in heck to shut the darned thing off once it has begun so we are stuck here (thanks Frigidaire). I mean what if someone needs to go to the emergency room? What then? I guess that maybe there might be something written in the user manual about it. But who wants to sit and read a user manual when there is so much blog reading to be done???

On another note, while we were at the Air Show this weekend, I saw something that kind of gave me the heebies. Politics aside, isn't it kind of freaky for the Army to create a "Virtual Army Experience" where people (and children over 13, which I think might be the intended demographic) are encouraged to ride on a Humvee through a video game and shoot at things/people? And while they were waiting, there was a big screen (all sort of "Manchurian Candidate"-ish) showing this year's State of the Union address, which happened to be "addressing" the need to bring more young men and women into the Army? It was more than a little was downright surreal to me. Again, this wasn't meant as a political conversation, I just think it was a touch inappropriate and feel that way no matter which way I am to vote.