Monday, February 23, 2009

Hibiscuses???....or Hibisci????

Whatever. I have two of them now. I actually bought them 3 weeks ago and finally got up off of duff to plant them. They look...well...they look tiny right now but hopefully they will grow (I don't grow things well) and not die and be big and bloomy and joyful joyness...soon.

Remember that flu I posted about? Well, it weren't the flu. (pesky freaking e again) James had strep. Really bad. I have to work on the fact that every illness that my children get isn't going to kill them. I am constantly talking about how insecure James is, when I am just as insecure at times. Times when my kids are sick. Or want to ride bikes. Or breathe even. Tough times.

But, he made it through, is slightly less worried about failing TAKS (dratted Texas testing system) and being kept in the 5th grade for the rest of his life... and he's playing first base again even though he thinks it's "too soon, Mom. I should be settled more..." Basically, I am pushing us along in this life that is now ours. I am finally back to worrying a little bit more about the mundane stuff. A little bit less about the fantastical kind of stuff.

We've been doing. And doing is good.