Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've made some decisions since we've last talked. One, I realized I cannot be here in this house for that week, so I am going to Texas on the 22nd. We will stay there for the week and then return home. Because Leonard made me promise that we (I thought, at the time, it would be all of us) would go to DisneyWorld, we are going in September. Classes be damned I guess. I will just grab James' schoolwork and help him with it.

Why do I feel like I am sitting here typing an itinerary? I guess because it's a "going through the motions", waiting for the next knot to save me, week.

I am also going to sell this house and most likely move to Texas, where there are no memories, I have a few friends, and can start something new. While I don't want to I don't really have a choice. And, on the plus side, maybe one more of us will turn Texas blue. Now I feel as if I've reached the blabbling, not making much sense part of this post.

James had a nice birthday. The bike I bought him was too big and I have to return it. We went to Hu Hot for dinner and I slammed my finger in the car door but all is well. No breaks...just a big purple mess for a few days.

Nik has orientation for Wayne in a few days. She wasn't looking forward to it until she went for her math placement exam and got a taste of walking around campus. There is a still a part of me that wishes she had gone for dorm life because I think it would be good for her. Trying to jump start someone who doesn't want to be is exhausting.