Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sometimes you have to call an old friend even if you're still mad at her.
Sometimes you have to do the same with your mother.
Sometimes you are going to be the only person on earth who really understands your daughter.
Sometimes it is the same with your son.
Sometimes you have to cry, and rant, and then scream, with the shower running so as not to scare your son.
Sometimes you have to laugh, and laugh, and then cry from laughter with that son.
Sometimes you will think that life isn't fair.
Sometimes you will realize that you were really lucky.
Sometimes tomorrow seems insurmountable, while today seems like it didn't get here yet.
Sometimes you will hate the mere act of throwing back a blanket on the couch and declaring nap over, and
Sometimes you won't know what to do once that blanket's gone.
Sometimes you will.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing with the Stars...and Feeling like a Fatty.

Is it just me or does everyone want to get up and swirl around the room while watching this show? Is it just me or is everyone hoping that Kate G (is for however you spell her last name, and I don't want to add to Google hits anyway) will not advance very far? And Buzz Aldren...can we please let him win because...well, just because.

Anyway, I love this show. Even though it always makes me feel fat and inadequate and incapable of swirling around a dance floor.

Which brings me to a memory/story. Leonard had a boss who loved to dance to big band music. This man was 75, had emphysema, and still would foxtrot around the dance floor with his wife like a kid. He was more of a mentor/father he never had to my husband. When Leonard and I got married, he told him that he would foot the bill because more young people needed to learn how to dance properly. After a few years, we did. Sign up that is. And we were the only couple who signed up because dancing wasn't "in" at the adult ed center. We were told that couples were taking cooking classes, not dancing, and would we like to switch. Who wants to go learn how to cook, after cooking dinner for a family of four?

We set it aside. Enter "Dancing With the Stars" Leonard and I only watched the first season, but, midway through, we decided that maybe this would jump start the dance classes in Adult Ed. We were on a wait list for 2.5 years and never did take those classes.