Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Someone Else just for today

James says hi...
An incredible sunset.

I can pretend I am someone else, just for today. In fact, I will pretend I am someone else...just for today. I can do that here in Texas. James is having a decent time. We looked at model homes yesterday and he found one that he likes. All he requires is a "Lego room". A lego room is what most people would call a study and/or 4th bedroom option/game room option. I have gotten much good advice from many people and am still going to go with new construction. I am, after all, an appraiser and I know what it is I am looking at in terms of quality. Today I am in free falling, *this is how it must feel to be on LSD* mode. I can't help it. But I will go through the day. A special shout out here to Ronni... you have been on my mind all week and I hope you are making it too.

Today, I am not me.