Thursday, June 11, 2009

Up to things.

I've been up to things. Several things...

James is no longer an elementary school baby. In fact, he's "on the list"! Yes, I am sounding utterly incoherent but the theme of his "graduation" was Hollywood. Is it just me or is it amazing to you how many "graduations" children go through nowadays? Anyway, it was fun, I finally got to see him interact with the teacher who "hated" him and I cried a lot. It is those moments, as I've said before, when his father isn't present that his absence is breathtaking. On the up side, for there is always an up side if you look hard enough, James' aunt and his great aunt were able to be there. On the even uppier side, my father (yay for dads!) came down the next day and is still here.

See the little kittens there? Aren't they cute? Want one?

In a fit of madness, blinded by the cuteness of it all--- one kitten for James turned into two kittens for James because I couldn't bear to take the tabby and leave the little runt calico all on her own. We are regretful, also amused. They are fun in a destructive, where's the Shamwow sort of way.

Look at that! Someone came and dug a huge hole in our backyard, and I paid them too! And the Homeowner's Association got all in my face, and I found out that Homeowner's Associations are the equivalent to GOD in Texas. I also found out that, even though I followed the rules and submittend everything and received an "Approval", they can decide that I hadn't. Yay for swimming pools though.