Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday Night Lights

I forgot how much I loved that movie, once I got all hooked into the television show. James and I watched it last night (I don't think he has ever seen it) and it never ceases to make me cry. I am, somehow, amazed that they never pull it off in the end.

So far, we've been having a really nice, if not sweltering, summer. James got to go to a real live drive in for the first time ever. Just a bit up the road from us is a two screen drive in. I had stumbled upon it be accident (and traffic tie up) last summer and meant to go. A friend called and asked if we wanted to meet her and her boys up there to see Cars 2, so we did. Unfortunately Cars 2 and Pirates was sold out, so we watched Green Lantern and X-Men. It was so very nice to sit outside in lawn chairs as the sun went down. Nothing beats a Texas sunset. We've had quite a few cook outs and the 4th was a great day spent with friends.

We're attempting to plan the annual trip to Cedar Point to visit my daughter. It is hard to do when you think of the scheduling time to see her around her very busy schedule.

My "job" is hilarious and annoying all rolled into one giant 6 pack of beer. No one ever told me how interesting the people who visit a convenience store can be. I am a cigarette pack version of Lucy from "Charlie Brown", although I rarely have any advice after I am told some of their stories... I often find myself walking away thinking, "Darn that would make for a good book." I always seem to have an excuse not to write these days.

This is the birthday/anniversary stretch... If I pretend it doesn't exist, it can't hurt me, right?