Sunday, September 7, 2008

Renovations and Restorations

The wallpaper is practically all off and would be completely off if my computer wasn't sitting on the breakfast bar and slingo and other things weren't so addicting.

I've got a few small bits to take off and then the serious sanding begins. I have decided (yes I know I haven't done the very best of jobs at keeping you all up to date) to renovate "parts" of the kitchen. i.e. getting rid of that crappy "welcome to the pink fantasies of the previous owner" wallpaper, replacing the (you got it) pink faux granite countertops, and (maybe) putting on new cupboard handles. Also, that ugly, industrial style, white-did I mention huge?- vanity in the bathroom will also go. I am going to get something smaller and quainter. Did I mention how quaint (i.e. small) my house is? I'm sure I have.

I just want it all done yesterday. I want to be moved, and the monster pain of selling a house in a buyer's market is scaring the heck out of me. I'm an appraiser so I'm pretty familiar (and even willing to tell you if you're looking to sell) with what one should to to showcase one's house. Yes, all my majors (roof, windows, floors, furnace, C/A,) are done. The only other 2 majors are these two: bath and kitchen. But one does not want one's home to become super adequate. Trying to explain to James that we don't need to drywall the basement is a tough one. He grows more like his daddy each day. Sigh... Anyone looking to live in a 50's plat neighborhood in a 1200-ish sq.ft. brick ranch within walking distance to a lake side park? Anyone? Anyone?