Sunday, April 11, 2010


Patty just came down for a visit. She is my best friend, almost sister, and Jimminy Cricket. We met when our daughters were both involved in Destination Imagination and she was their coach. I met her once, picking up Nicole, and then noticed that we kept running into each other at the same stores...buying the same things. Our daughters became fast friends, and so too did we. It took many months, but I finally was able to convince Leonard to meet them. He and Luke, her husband, were soon inseparable Star Trek/Computer/Card Geeks. We liked to call them the Moron twins. He is the one who found my husband. Because I asked him to.

Our daughters have grown and their friendship has waned. Patty is still the sister I always wanted but my parents never agreed to. She is the peas to my carrots...even though I hate peas. We think alike on most things, and disagree on a few. We can argue and still hug each other when the leaving time comes.

I still have her cup on the counter where she left it on the morning they departed.
It is hard to say goodbye again, and yet, in some ways, it is hard to see them too. When they are here there are the 3 of us adults. And someone is always missing. But I would not trade visits from them for the world. I am lucky that they will make the trek down here when so many in my own family find it too much, too long... too sad... too. They are the neutral ground that I chose to stay at when I go up to Michigan. This way, no feelings are hurt with family for I am staying with framily instead. I can't wait for July.