Friday, July 11, 2008

Home...with more pictures, but not enough to bore you...

My niece, helping my little nephew along.
All five of the grandchildren in one place...for the first time ever.
Hanging out in the "O" in California Adventure. This sign is being taken down so I am glad I got this shot.
My nephew, J (for the sake of privacy) loves his daddy (my brother) so much that it brings tears to my eyes. He also doesn't scream or cry when he is afraid. He is afraid of trains. He will say,"Buh bye train... see you soon." or (with the Bart Simpson live character) buh bye Bart, see you soon..." The funniest was in the Shrek 4-D attraction. "Buh Bye pigs (3 little pigs), thanks for all the fun. See you soon."
Apparently, he also likes cartoon girls in zebra bikinis. He is a wonderfully sweet and funny little boy.

We are home, and I am relieved that I made it through. It was nice to have a big group to go with. There was a bit of angst and frustration, but we didn't rip each other apart. A very good thing.

I am now facing a very tough week ahead. It hit me at the dentist's while scheduling another root canal. She scheduled it for monday, which is Leonard's birthday...which also means that 5 days later is our anniversary. Only there's no year to celebrate. I hope I make it through this.