Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's been a busy summer. Hence the not having the time (heart) to post much. Now, here I sit before I put the tacos on for dinner.

We have been lucky enough to have James' best friend John here for the summer. He is a great kid, dealing with the same loss of a dad that James is. It makes for a good friendship and brotherhood. Brotherhood, of course, comes with its share of arguments and tears... But nothing has been too bad to where John has asked for a ride home.

I have made a good friend and her sons were here for two weeks in July. A lot of fun was had, parents played Hide and Go Seek/Tag in the dark and I didn't bruise myself up too badly playing.

The pool is a blast. The only annoying part is the drying off and getting dressed. We appear to be going through blow up toys faster than anyone else in the neighborhood as the boys are into smash mouth swimming.

This is quick, but it's just me getting my feet wet again... no pun intended.