Wednesday, August 1, 2007


You know how you have one of those nights where it feels like you're sleeping, but maybe you're not? The kind of night where it might be more of a doze, but it just seems like you're aware of your surroundings the whole night through? Last night was one of those nights for me. Plus, I stayed up too late because...well, because that's what I do, I guess. I get up every morning with my husband at 4:30 (not because I love getting up with him but because if I don't get up, he doesn't get up...and if he doesn't get up, nobody's getting paid). I did the same this morning, and really bounced to it, considering. I did all the dishes that I neglected last night for a wild evening of generally doing nothing. I even cleaned the clutter in the living room. Then I just kind of sat there... on the couch...with a book. And honestly, I would still be there if my husband hadn't called and needed me to look up something online.

It is too hot to be really and truly awake anyway.


Cherry said...

I have been having nights like that for a few weeks now and I'm POOPED!

I have to say, how awesome is the internet? My husband and I call each other all the time when we are away from a computer and need something looked up. Whether it is a map because one of us is lost, or a phone number or just about anything. LOVE IT! (He's lucky that I happen to have a desk job, so I'm more often then not available to look something up for him, and my co-workers get a chuckle when I'm trying to figure out where he is so I can give him directions).

Gina said...

My husband gets up at 6:30 and ain't no way I'm getting up with him unless I have to.

Mel said...

Oh, you're my kind of girl . . . except I would never willingly get up that early! Geez!

The way you describe your night is how napping feels to me. Pointless, really, since I never feel like I slept, even if I did!

MrsGrumpy said...

Cherry-I know what you mean about the internet. At least once a day I get, "I need you to look something up for me/Joe/Ed/whoever...". What would our husband's do without us? I find myself calling my daughter when I am lost, looking for a house on my job. I should record them for later laughs.

Gina-I wish my husband was like your husband and the the majority of the rest of the worlds' husbands. It is so bad that, when I am not home, his buddies at work know to call him. Sigh... he's 37 going on 7.

Mel-I have trouble napping as well! I think I am afraid that if I fall asleep, I'll be out for hours.