Friday, February 22, 2008

More Pictures

Nik and James in front of the Alamo. It never ceases to amaze me how, in pictures we take in front of famous landmarks, everyone looks photoshopped in. This day was a little dreary, but still warmer than anything MI could come up with.

The whole group (minus R) in front of the Alamo. It's crazy how, for lack of a better word, SURROUNDED it is-by shops, and The Guiness Book or World Records and other such traps for tourists. You can walk about 10 steps from Davy Crockett's last stand and sample some Ben and Jerry's. I had always imagined it surrounded by acres of land.

James and Nik, at Dick's Last Resort on the Riverwalk. A fine family And that's all I will say about that.

Wedding Island. How beautiful is that? Many, many weddings take place here.

Nicole and our river guide. She kind of had a crush on him so I kind of tipped him 10 bucks in exchange for this shot.

I will do these in sets of five. Why? because Blogger is stingy and that's all I can get. Tonight is a not so very good, weekend looming ahead with nothing in it, kind of night. I wish I could sleep through the weekends and not have the children taken from me. All at the same time I wish that time would speed up, fall backward, do something other than this. I am already planning my next "run" and I wonder how long one can keep this up.


Classic Charm said...

Hi Laura, pleased to meet you. I found you through Red Tin Heart blog and spent ooooo a great amount of time reading your blog today...with tissue in hand. I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss, for your grief, for your struggle. I can only imagine what your are feeling...and well all I have to offer is my shoulder. I hope your days will become a bit easier...though I don't see how...stay strong for the kids. Know that you have at least one friend saying a prayer for you and Nita. That with time your heart can find healing.

Kathy said...

Very nice pictures Laura. The kids seem to be enjoying the trip. Sending you good warm thoughts for the weekend.

Laura said...

Hi Laura! Do YOU happen to be in any of these pictures? :D

Betts4 said...

I love the pics!!! Being a picture kind of person, it is great that you got a lot of shots of your kids. It will mean a lot to them in the years to come.

I want to see more pics!!!

Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts and hugs my friend.

Ronni said...

Jim and I got married on Wedding Island, and have taken that boat ride many times.

I'm glad you liked San Antonio, and I can't BELIEVE you went to Dick's!

A walk on the wild side! LOL!

I'm glad you had a good trip!

Karen said...

I feel the same way about the Alamo! I should be in the middle of no where, not downtown. It just doesn't feel right.
I know being there and not home was good for you all. I'm so glad you had the chance to take the trip.
I look forward to more pictures that look just like ours from our summer trip to San Antonio! Hee hee!

jessica said...

What great pictures! It sounds like the kids had a great time. I am glad you got away for awhile.


Donna said...

Fun pictures!!! And it's all about the, shop, shop...geez....hughugs

Marshamlow said...

Hey! I have been there too. I have a great friend who lives in San Antonio. What a fun place to visit. Sounds like your trip was great. I am glad to hear you have another trip on the horizon to look forward to. Why do all my sentences end with prepositions?

rachd said...

Yay! Fun family time! I believe you ALL needed this little respite from the "real" world. The pictures are wonderful and your kids continue to stun me with their gorgeousness! :o)

Cherry said...

I've never been to the Alamo (or San Antonio but I hear the Riverwalk is good fun). I never realized that the Alamo has been so commercialized. I too figured it was still surrounded by a bunch of nothing.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your escape as much as you could.