Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Laura and a Meme. Meme First

Jess has tagged me for a meme, so I will do that first. No rules, so I will just spill them (7 random things about me) as I think of

1. When I was young (age 10-16) I didn't want to have kids. I wanted to grow up, live in the city, wear boots with heels and be a career girl.

2. I got my first cavity at the age of 32ish (it could have been 31).

3. My dentist is the older sister of an acquaintance from high school.

4. One of her assistants is the sister in law of one of Leonard's good friends.

5. Her (the dentist's) husband is one of my older brother's best friends from high school.

6. I have run out of interesting factoids about my dentist's office.

7. Oh, one is extremely difficult to numb my teeth for some reason. I found that out very painfully with the first cavity, mentioned above.

Thanks Jess...That was fun. I'm going to tag Ronnie, Laura, and Rebecca

Moving right along. Yes I am good at the segue...

Day two of meet a friend at the gym went great... I met the friend (my dad's girlfriend), picked her up, drove to the gym, started talking in the car, got a little misty eyed, and said,"Yes..." to "Hey you wanna go get some coffee?" Yes, I am bad. In my defense (and this is why I'm not a lawyer), we did sit in the parking lot of the gym for the 30 or so minutes that I would have been cirucuit training. I felt only slightly guilty.

Tonight, James and I watched "Daddy Daycamp", another of those camp type movies where big expensive camp challenges cheap little camp to an Olympics of some sort. You can guess what happens after. We are going to watch another movie later but James took a World of Warcraft break. Nik is out with her best friend and boyfriend. Letting go is so very hard to do and I don't care if is 18, you must still check in with over active imaginated Mama.


rachd said...

My kind of gym experience, Laura! ;o)

James plays WOW? I LOVE WoW! :oP And, good job letting Nic go. It must be awfully hard.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, Laura!


Donna said...

You're like my Dad was...No cavaties until he was joke! There's some enzyme that prevents cavaties...and he had tons of it. Have a smiling weekend love!hughugs

haylee said...

I always thought that adults were less prone to cavities -- boy, was I wrong! I was just saying the other night that I have more cavities the past 2 years than I have had in my lifetime - no kidding! UGH!

As for curfews, as long as they were still in highschool, they were expected to keep the same curfews as they did at 17. The age of majority here is 19 so that was never an issue. Once they went on to post secondary, we only expected the hours be reasonable and that their "grand entrance" be curteous & QUIET! If they were over-nighting impromptu, we asked to be informed by midnight so there'd be no worry at the breakfast table. Since it is our household, we retain unfettered rights over all quests - family or royality. i.e. no drugs, no drinking & driving, no underage drinking, no foul language, mutual respect etc.

Basically, we taught the children from an early age that rights carried responsibilities -- and actions caryy consequences. In their early teen years, we would role play every conceivable scenario to help arm them with good strategies.

In the end, our main message was that they always had our unconditional love and they could call us at any time regardless of the circumstances with no questions asked - until they were safely at home and we could discuss the matter calmly & rationally.

I miss child rearing but given the limitations of my health, it's for the best that the nest gets smaller.

wishing you peace,

TGLB said...

My SIL and I used to skip out on the aerobics class we signed up for and go to Maggie Moo's (an ice cream parlor) instead. So coffee's pretty good by comparison. :)

Jeanette said...

I always made my kids check in while they lived with us. No matter how old they are you worry that they are safe!
My dentist is my brother so I can punch him if he hurts me!!

Debbie in NC said...

Laura, this is a great and HAPPY post! I'm getting so darn proud of you :)

Gym? What's that? LOL

Laura said...

Um? What do I do? Just seven random things about myself? Halp!

Laura said...

Oops, Laura...yup. Just seven random things. I'm a dork

Courtney said...

Great job letting nik go, but I think like you. I don't care if you're 18 or not, check in. My poor girls are going to hate me one day.