Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So much for Warm Weather

It was nice while we had it, for last week. It was good to see James out argu...er...figh...er...playing with his friends. I have been having such a difficult time of late that it is good for him to be able to run off with them for awhile. He started baseball and it appears he is a natural at 1st base.

Nicole has prom coming up on Friday, so I will be dusting off the hair pins and spray again for both her and her girlfriend. Her (Nicole's) dress is a flaming orange with matching shoes and perhaps we'll get a tiger lily for her hair.

It has been so long since I've written anything of much substance here and I hurt for it. It is just that so much is hitting me all at once that I don't know where to begin. With Nicole graduating, and the summer sports schedule coming up, it is almost hard to breathe. Thank you all for you constant concern and many kind words. I think I will spend the day visiting my favorite blogs and then come back for round two.


Jeanette said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better. I know it's hard enough for you to deal with the day to day, let alone any extra stuff. Those rough patches will get farther and farther apart. hang in there. Oh and stay warm....it's gonna be cold here tonight! Spring in Michigan gotta love it!!Brrrr!!

Courtney said...

How great for James to be playing baseball. I'm sorry you are having such a rough time, but I pray that in time it will get a bit easier for you. Please be sure to post pics of Nicole. I'm sure she'll be beautiful with or without the tiger lily but what a great idea.

Karen said...

Keep taking it day by day.
I hope you show us Prom pictures here. I want to see that dress and tiger lily in the hair. Sounds beautiful!

Shari said...

Do you cut their hair? My hairdresser does her kids' hair all the time. Ugh. It costs about $45 for the three of us for hair trims, and that's not divided by three, either. Two children's fee plus adult fee, w/ or w/o shampoo. Rarely do I see haircut prices under $10 anymore. Sigh.

I hear you about the argu...fight...um, playing with the neighborhood kids. I hope everything turns out okay with the school trip and prom.

Take it easy. Relax.

BTW, WI had nice 70 degree weather last week and now we are back to the 40s and 50s temps. Sigh.

Rach said...

Hi Sweetie! I'm glad you felt well enough to write even this.

Baseball is such a rite of passage for little boys. I hope James enjoys it! :o)

Wow! Prom already? Holy heck! Be sure to post photos, please. :o)

Donna said...

Kudos for James!! Baseball and boys...wonderful...And girls and Proms...hair, cell phones, lipstick, girlfriends...you've got your hands Full sweetie!!!...I really miss it...love to you Babydoll...hughugs

Jess said...

Have fun with the prom hair. That was always my least favorite time of year in the salon. From mid-April through early June each Saturday the salon was filled with unappreciative, annoying girls. OK, some were OK, but boy, some of the moms were pretty crazy too. It is hard to explain to teenagers that the hair they found in a magazine requires a full roller-set or extensions or what-have you and they have only booked a 45 minute slot. I can't promise amazing things with a curling iron and a few bobby pins and CLEAN hair. URgh. OK, you can tell that I hate doing up do's right?!!

Have you seen this gal on YouTube? She is amazing and she does great updos on her own head!


Hang in there!!! I've been thinking of you and I'm glad to see you back in the blogosphere.

artemisia said...

Thinking of you, even when you don't post.

Take care.

Nance said...

Oh, living in the Great Lakes region...how we loathe, er, love it. I hear you. We still have our snow shovel on the porch as a talisman, superstitious as we are in this part of the world.

Take care.

Linda said...

So happy to see you back! Boys will be boys, and arguing, fighting and playing are all the same thing!
Can't wait to see photos of the prom. I remember when Misty went, and I couldn't believe that she could look so mature!! Nothing like a little spit and polish to make an 18 year look like she's total grown up.
I didn't go to prom...my boyfriend a the time was 23, and he wouldn't have any of it. Although at the time I didn't care, it is a right of passage that I now wish I hadn't missed. He turned out to be a loser, too. HA HA!

Cherry said...

Ohhh! Do post a picture of Nicole's hair and dress (if she doesn't mind). I love prom/special occasion hair! I have no patience for my own, but there is just something so special about all the fluff and spray and curls and teasing. Its a mystery to me how it all works.

Thinking of you! Hugs!

Betts4 said...

Been thinking about you and hoping that you were doing at least okay. Hugs!!!