Thursday, June 5, 2008

Balloon Release

That, above, is the new couch. I found it on the manufacturer's website. It is also a sleeper sofa for when people come to visit. It is mocha colored and I am a bit concerned about stainage, so I bought an extended stain warranty too. Wish us luck. I know somebody asked me-no, I haven't yet returned to the room. I don't think I can and I am starting to think that a move will be for the best. I am still so haunted here.

Tonight, Sandcastles is having a balloon release. I am a little petrified at the thought but we will go. One of Nicole's best friends has returned from almost a year out of country. Her mother is my best friend and is the woman I so often speak about helping me through. E., the daughter, was not here in August, so Nik invited her to the balloon release. Suddenly, there I am again. It is the day before D-Day... My birthday... when I officially get to an age he will never be.


TGLB said...

You'll survive the balloon release; one thing about widowhood is that not much could be worse. When your worst fear happens, what's left?

A lot of people at the widow board moved within the 1-year window, and they said it was the best thing for them. Too many memories where they were. You'll do the right thing. I have total faith in you.

Rebecca said...


Maybe a move is for the best. I remember my aunt saying that being somewhere that my uncle was not helped considerably. You do what you must, y'know?

Courtney said...

Maybe a move will be good for you. That couch is gorgeous!

Misguided Mommy said...

now see if i just read a little farther i would have known that was your couch

i'm a dumb ass!