Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Try Thanksgiving again.

I finally made a turkey this year. And we finally sat down with my dad, James and I, and had dinner. To say that it was a bit exhausting after the driving, and the worrying, and the...well, the mess of it all would be to put it out of perspective. It just was. That's okay. I am thankful that my dad is well (?) and here. The question mark is because he had an incident where his lip swelled up again halfway through the drive back down. We drove straight through and it is a bit disconcerting to have that happen, especially when the person experiencing it had been on a ventilator only days beforehand. I mentally kicked myself for the rest of the drive. I should not have agreed to let him come back down with us. And yet I am glad he is here with us.

So all is ending well. Which is something to be thankful (again and again) for. I cannot and will not imagine what my life would be like without my dad.

James went back to school today without even an argument, not even an "I'm tired, because you kept me up to late, fed me the wrong dinner, hate me and want to see me miserable..." argument. Another thing to be thankful for.

Thoughts turn to putting up the tree and putting something underneath it. Also, how to keep kittens from wanting to perch among the branches. I can just tell that these two kittens of mine will be fascinated by it all. I am hoping to jinx myself into something different by posting that here.


Donna said...

So glad your Dad is there...We'll want pictures of that tree Girlie!!Hahaa...hughugs

Rach said...

What a relief to read your dad is doing well. And, what a relief to get a kiddo off to school with no complaining. I'm SO jealous...:sigh:

I can't wait to hear about the mess those kittens of yours create. :oP

Scott said...

Good to hear that your dad is doing better. Enjoy your week together, I hope he enjoys some warm weather in December. Kittens sound like fun, they crack me up the way they play, our cats are not so much fun anymore.