Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's been a busy summer. Hence the not having the time (heart) to post much. Now, here I sit before I put the tacos on for dinner.

We have been lucky enough to have James' best friend John here for the summer. He is a great kid, dealing with the same loss of a dad that James is. It makes for a good friendship and brotherhood. Brotherhood, of course, comes with its share of arguments and tears... But nothing has been too bad to where John has asked for a ride home.

I have made a good friend and her sons were here for two weeks in July. A lot of fun was had, parents played Hide and Go Seek/Tag in the dark and I didn't bruise myself up too badly playing.

The pool is a blast. The only annoying part is the drying off and getting dressed. We appear to be going through blow up toys faster than anyone else in the neighborhood as the boys are into smash mouth swimming.

This is quick, but it's just me getting my feet wet again... no pun intended.


BetteJo said...

Seeing as Texas is like living on the face of the sun in the summer, it's great that you have that pool!
Busy summer - that's a good summer!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I am really glad that your summer has been a fun one Laura. I haven't blogged much lately either. I have had fun on facebook though. It is more instant and up to the minute. I still pray for you my friend and hope that the transition to Texas has been gradual and bearable for you. I know other things will take much longer to feel lighter in your heart. Leonard is forever with you in your heart. I think of you often.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Debra said...

Wow it has been a while. Glad things are going well there. Sold the house here in MI yet?

Rach said...

Blessings! What blessings to have a fun and busy summer! :o)

Glad to know you are alive and having a good time. HUGS!

Ronni said...

I have been thinking about you. Hang in there, Laura...

Kathy said...

Thinking about you and hoping you are well. James is probably back in school now? How is Nikki? The kittens? And you? Hugs!

Golden Grain Farm said...

Dear Laura,

I am supposed to be working here in my home office, but instead I have been reading your blog, which I just discovered.
There is a lot I could say, but I know how much any of it matters -- not much, really.

"Getting back to the bonfire... Suzanne's mother in law (Leonard's aunt) was sitting in the porch swing watching as several men tried to get the fire lit. Mind you, this was dry wood so it shouldn't have been a problem. While they did this, I was telling how Leonard could always get a fire started almost as if he were made of flame and one look could start it up. (Actually it was his trusty blowtorch, which made everyone laugh) As I've said before, my husband loved building fires. This aunt said that, as this was going on, she looked toward the garage (where Leonard's home workshop was) and swore she saw him standing in the shadows wearing a cream colored shirt (he had a cream colored shirt but she wouldn't know this because he had about 2,324 shirts). She said he smiled and at that moment, the logs caught. I do remember the logs catching all at once, all of a sudden...but I didn't see a thing. I so want to believe that really happened."

I believe it really happened. How very cool is that, that he was there, that someone saw him, and that he was able to start that fire.

My mom was diagnosed with kidney cancer in May 2004 and the doctors didn't think operating would help. She died in May 2005. I see that your dad had surgery and is doing fine, and I'm so glad for you. I still think about my mother's illness and death often and sadly, and have trouble believing it really happened. I'm still waiting and hoping to spot her like Leonard's aunt saw him.

Just wanted to say hello, and that my heart goes out to you and your kids, and that you're a very good writer. I emailed this to you but it came back; guess the address in your profile needs to be changed?

Kate in Saskatchewan

Kathy said...

Laura, Just thinking about you. Hugs....

Katy said...

Hi, Laura,

Usually lurk, but just stopped in to see how you're doing down in Texas. Hope the rest of your summer was good, and you all enjoyed the pool - and that your Fall's going well too.