Monday, July 16, 2007

Back on Track

Even though there is just as much lying on my plate today as there was Saturday, I woke up feeling somehow more able to handle it (or put it off for a few more days) today.

It was one of those weekends that feels like it flew by and yet, in retrospect, could have dragged by. I was just so out of it. What I accomplished and/or gleaned from this weekend:

1. My son is more gaseous than both his cousin and his uncle. I know this because he was so very excited to tell me this when he walked in the door Sunday.

2. Something is drilling (yes drilling) holes through our pea pods in the garden. Everything else is growing and ripening...except for the holy peapods. Which, to steal a line from Dave Barry, would be a great name for a band.

3. My daughter went to see Harry Potter without us... Wahhhh! Okay, not really. I sometimes think I might be one of the only (for I have met others) person on this planet who does not "get" Harry and his little wizard friends.

4. Do not...and I repeat this... DO NOT substitute jalapeno slices for green chili's in your recipes, folks. It will encrease the "burn your mouth...there's not enough milk in the world to make up for this" factor of your chicken enchilada casserole. I should have read Swistle's (which would be hyperlinked, I think that's what you call it, if I wasn't such a nincompoop when it comes to techie stuff) post before I made dinner.

5. Nothing is better than falling in bed on Sunday night.


Cathy said...

Just stopping by from xanga to say hi. Maybe I'll put up a photo of the house that Dave of Killers fame grew up in on that blog for you. I feel a little like it is an invasion of privacy since he is my neighbor so I won't tag it. Or would it be rude to take the photo? they are a very nice non-republican family. :)

MrsGrumpy said...

Nahhhh. I take pictures of people's houses all the time. Every day even. You were doing it for appraisal purposes! That's it! Plus, being non Republican they probably wouldn't even mind...unless they were Libertarian. Thanks for stopping by!