Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Darling...or Present Procrastination

Today was my husband's birthday. He is a mere 38 days younger than I, so I guess you could say I robbed the cradle. Only to share it of course.

The worst part is I put off shopping until this morning. And this morning arrived ( I am positive that Mother Nature took some hours back somewhere) and it wasn't the morning that I had planned (in the half hearted way that I plan things). First off, yesterday (yesterday is important to this entry) we went to the zoo. I have become a zoo addict...going to the zoo with the kids just about 1x a week. The animals and we are on a first name basis. We even know that the newest baby penguin goes by the name "Pudge"...but there I go, getting off course. We should not have gone to the zoo yesterday. It was hot. Hot makes me tired. Then we went on the "Wild Adventure" simulator. Think lots of "motion" i.e. jerking, heaving, tummy threatening and I got the first strings of blinking lights that usually indicate a migraine. We stayed too long, got to crabby and headachy (well I did. The kids had a blast) and got stuck in traffic on the way home. Did I mention the part where my son asked if his cousin (who was at the zoo with us) could spend the night?"Sure!" Said the magnanimous it's-only'10AM-and-I'm-still-feeling-pretty-awesome-Mom. Upon my arrival home, I sank into Krandall (our pet name for the magnificently over stuffed, unattractive, monolithic Lazy Boy that my husband HAD to have a few months ago...Krandall is the line name and it is kind of cute) and promptly Zzzzzzzzz'd.

And then it was 9 PM. And I didn't get my work done (for my real job...the one that pays me) done. So that got shoved forward to the morning that I was going to go shopping for the birthday present for the husband that this post was supposed to be about. I got up, and then went to bed. Yay me. I set the alarm clock for 8:45. For some reason I get up better at :45's. Welcome to another of my neuroses.

and then the clock went off, and I hit snooze. And then it went off again, and I couldn't find the snooze while half asleep so I shut it off so it would quit disturbing my rest...and ended up waking up at 10 AM (Oh my, I AM a bad mother/aunt) to my son saying "There's no cereal"... So we had pancakes, which take time. And then there was the report. At 12 I was *this close* to be ready to go shopping for that present. Enter my brother in law and his wife, the parents of the spending the night nephew. So there went that. We had a nice (5 hour, let's get dinner and bring it in) day.

So sweetie, Happy Birthday, and I *promise* I'm going shopping tomorrow. We'll just call it your birthday "weekend".

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