Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Decision made.

I threw this blog out, at first, because it's really stupid (not to mention difficult, and a little neurotic) to keep two blogs just because your mother in law reads one and you are worried about offending her. I found myself not posting on either very much. That wasn't what I intended to have happen. Then I decided I would stay on Xanga... but I am tired of Xanga. Then I decided to stay here. You will find this a recurrent theme in my life. Decision making that gets put off (If I were Christian it would be termed "putting it in God's hands") due to my lack of being able to make the said decision. So be it. I am here. It sucks to "lose" 2+ years of blogging archives, but no one was reading them much anymore anyways.

Speaking of said mother in law. She had to have some tests done at the hospital yesterday...of the scoping kind. So I took her. Did I mention it was really freaking hot? I brought my son James with us and it was so steaming hot we couldn't even go for a walk. So we sat, and watched the ABC Good Morning America "Family" (does that word used to describe one's coworkers when really all they are is coworkers bother anyone else like it does me?) mourn the loss of Joel Siegel. This made me all weepy sort of. I did not know this man (besides being a movie critic I seldom agree with) and, in the space of an hour (hurry it up, scoping doctor!) found out he had a young son and wife and had battled colon cancer (thank you mother in law for taking care of yourself) for 10 (TEN!) years. How very sad. So I leaned over and hugged my own small boy, grateful for my health... and he turned to look at me with those beautifully lashed (why is it boys... oh you've heard this a million times before) big brown eyes and said,"Stop it Mom, you're embarassing me..."

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Swistle said...

There were three places where I thought, "HA! Well put!" The "If I were a Christian..." part. The family/coworkers part. The "why it is boys...oh you've heard this a million times before..." part.