Tuesday, July 24, 2007

T-Minus two hours

Today I am cleaning my new oven. Okay, I am not "really" cleaning my oven because apparently all I have to do is push a button (or two because I didn't choose three hours, I went with two because it's really not that messy and it smells horrible when it heats up and is still newish...) and pretty much sit here and blog, and read other people's blogs, and respond to blogs. It takes me forever to make what I consider a "commitment" to oven cleaning. Even though there is no physical exertion (unless you count crossing and uncrossing my legs, because sitting on this bar stool in the kitchen can really make a girl's legs fall asleep, physical exertion). One must have two hours(or three..if you're really going to have at it) in which they won't suddenly feel the need to run to the store, or the park, or take a nap in which to do it. Even though I spend an average of 23 1/2 hours at home most days...I still hesitate to make that commitment. Because there appears to be no way in heck to shut the darned thing off once it has begun so we are stuck here (thanks Frigidaire). I mean what if someone needs to go to the emergency room? What then? I guess that maybe there might be something written in the user manual about it. But who wants to sit and read a user manual when there is so much blog reading to be done???

On another note, while we were at the Air Show this weekend, I saw something that kind of gave me the heebies. Politics aside, isn't it kind of freaky for the Army to create a "Virtual Army Experience" where people (and children over 13, which I think might be the intended demographic) are encouraged to ride on a Humvee through a video game and shoot at things/people? And while they were waiting, there was a big screen (all sort of "Manchurian Candidate"-ish) showing this year's State of the Union address, which happened to be "addressing" the need to bring more young men and women into the Army? It was more than a little freaky...it was downright surreal to me. Again, this wasn't meant as a political conversation, I just think it was a touch inappropriate and feel that way no matter which way I am to vote.


Gina said...

That would have given me the heebie jeebies as well.

Misguided Mommy said...

ummm wait you clean your oven?

MrsGrumpy said...

MM... I confess. I clean it once every July, or December or so. I am forever dribbling crap on the bottom when I bake.