Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Packing By Way of Procrastinating

It always works for me. Bank? Check. Dog Food? Check. Cat Food? Check. Laundry done? OMG LOL. Bills paid? See previous answer. Of course, I should be doing all of this, and a report I need to get done before we take off tomorrow. But, instead, I am going to do this meme from Courtney, because it looks like fun.

Four Things....

Four Jobs I have had:

Waitress (for 28 days)
Cosmetologist (I still "dabble" with my license and close friends)
Real Estate Appraiser (What I still do, and what the heck was I thinking?)

4 places I've been

Ontario, Canada (many times)
Orlando, FL (once)
Los Angeles,CA (twice, because I am a bad sister)
Washington, D.C. (National Spelling Bee, with our daughter

4 movies I've watched over and over

Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club
The Wizard of Oz
Schindler's List

4 shows I watch

America's Next Top Model (*blush*, and I'm done after Saleisha)
Ghost Hunters (because it's on when I am working, and the kids are watching)
Project Runway (***deeper blush***)
ER (it has really gotten very good, and is filled with current issues, if you're an old fan)

4 places I'd rather be right now

With my husband (I'm not allowed to type that four times, am I?)
Sleeping peacefully
Houston (oh wait, that's tomorrow)
In someone else's shoes

4 people who e-mail me regularly (not too many do)

Diana (stop with the d*mned forwards already)
****man, this one is hard because, for me, regularly would mean someone who has emailed this month****
Jackie and/or Mel
RachD (that means a lot to me)
Richard (he used to email every day, but not so much anymore)

4 favorite things to eat

Trader Joes twisted bread sticks
Baked fish

4 places I've lived
***In the order I lived there
Grafton, WI
Winston Salem, NC
Greendale, WI
Clinton Twp, MI

4 things I look forward to this new year (Oh no...bear with me here)

The part where Fates decide this was all a big mistake
Traveling with the kids aka escaping
Our daughter's graduation (oh so bittersweet)
A time when this won't keep snowballing into periods of tremendous pain.

4 people I tag

Made In Heaven
I Got Two, Babe
Family Adventures

It is snowing like a snowy day in February out there. I hope it stops before tomorrow because I will begin pulling my teeth out with a pliers if any more plans fall through.


Karen said...

Orlando, only once? You should come again, it's fun! I know of what I speak as I live here! And I love to meet my online friends in person!

Laurie said...

It IS a snowy day in February, so for Gods sake and yours, put all pliers out of reach and get to packing!!:)
You will have a wonderful time, I just know you will because you LOVE these people, and they LOVE you and the kids. It's all good!! And I love ER too. So I want to be reading here soon that you are in Houston and letting yourself cut loose and having a great time. You deserve it.

Laurie in Ca.

Jana said...

As someone who lives in Houston (and loves ER, too) and has been reading your blog for a while, I just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful trip down here. It's a lot warmer here (high of 60 tomorrow) so you'll get to thaw out a bit, I suppose. Hopefully, you'll get to eat some good Mexican food and have a margarita or two while you're at it. And I just know the change of scenery will do you some good. Welcome!! :)

Karen MEG said...

I'm always on my blog when I'm not supposed to be too.

I hope you have a wonderful trip Laura. It will do you good to get away to somewhere warm, you need the break. Enjoy.

Kathy said...

Enjoy your trip. Ya hoo!

Debbie in NC said...

Whether you realize it or not...you are actually healing girl! I hope you have a wonderful, safe and fun trip!

We, of course, want to hear all about it when you get back!

Jeanette said...

Have a great trip and don't worry about the snow. It's not supposed to snow again until Friday and we know the weather people are always right!!! No seriously, you'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy the warmth!!

Tessie said...

I think it's so interesting that you are a real estate appraiser. You should do a post on the little things that raise/lower a home's value.

Also, The Breakfast Club! YES! I know every word to that movie. Sad but true. It's social! Demented and sad, but social!

Courtney said...

Love your answers and thanks for playing along!

Nance said...

Who the heck blushes about watching Project Runway? I am an unabashed devotee of PJR.