Friday, November 14, 2008


I was hoping to be moved by now, but here I am...still. The deal is done and I am just waiting on a closing date. It is so very hard to be 1400 miles away from it all and I am a bit impatient. Especially as the days grow darker (and colder) here.

I was also hoping to write more often but that isn't working out so well. Here is where I would say because "OMG! I've been so busy!" In reality, I am lacking the drive. Just hanging out. Waiting for a day that seems like it is unreachable.

The Pet Shop Boys? Like them? I love them. In fact it's why I'm listening to "It's a Sin" over and over again tonight. Welcome to my odd little life these days.


Cherry said...

Ohh! Love the Pet Shop Boys! Suburbia, It's a Sin and West Side Girls are my favs.

I hope closing goes smoothly and you can move soon.

Kesha said...

I don't know ANYTHING by the Pet Shop Boys.
I do hope things progress in a timely fashion for you Laura. It's getting colder here and I'd love to be someplace warmer too.
I wish you nothing but the best!!
Please stay in touch , won't you?


Debbie said...

Laura! I haven't visited in a while and I am so proud of you I'm about to bust. You've moved on and in such BRAVE fashion. I'm amazed at all the huge steps you've taken and you should be so proud of yourself. ((Hugs))

I know you'll like Texas better than Michigan. I've been to both places and just the warmth helps LOL!

Nic will come along later. You just watch :)

Again ((big hugs)). You deserve much happiness in the future, girl!

Debra said...

I just cannot believe you sold it so quickly, lets hope the banks cooperate now....I will keep my fingers crossed for you as our deal fell apart at closing.

Scott said...

Good luck, I hope it closes soon for you so you can escape that Michigan winter and those darkest of days.

Courtney said...

I hope that day comes very soon for you. I'm glad you stopped in to write a little something.

Rach said...

It will be here before you know it. Hang in there, Sweetie!

J at said...

Hey Laura, do you like Deathcab for Cutie? They sound like a slightly more current version of Petshop Boys to us. :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your move goes well!

Karen MEG said...

I like the Petshop boys too.

Hoping you get your closing date soon and the move goes smoothly!

Nance said...

"West End Girls" is killer!

I am envious of you as you move to a warm place. Snow has begun here and lake effect storms, Alberta Clippers (the one Canadian thing I do NOT like), and the biting cold mornings that take my breath away.

Winter is the worst thing about NE Ohio.