Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Longest Last Week of School Ever...

Conversation from this morning:

"Mom, I'm really not feeling well."

"Well, let's get you something to eat and get you woken up a bit."

"Can't I just take the day off? A mental health day?"

"James...there's like 5 days of school left. Just buck up. It'll be fine."

"Come on..."

Here's where I must say, it's a real bummer when your child starts throwing your own (let's call it) encouragement (instead of guilt trip) back in your face.

"Come on James. Do this for me."

"Do this for ME, Mom."

Well, of course, he went to school (not) happily. And, somehow, managed. I swear this last week has already lasted at least two months.


Rach said...

I promise you, it's even WORSE for the teachers (and their families).

Hang in there.

Sarah said...

Stay strong! My mom always caved to our requests for "mental health days" and by senior year my GPA had gone WAAAY downhill. I think I figured if my parents didn't take it super seriously I didn't need to either.