Friday, June 10, 2011

Woof...and Wellness

So here come the dog days of summer, and it is only the beginning of June. Luckily we are to cool down to the low 90's by the weekend. Go Team Texas!

James made it through the last day of school (surprise! and here's to a better next year) and we drove out to San Antonio to visit my cousin Patti. I haven't seen her since last year, when illness combined with a couple of hospital induced setbacks occurred. She is better, but it is horrifying to see one who was always healthy so frail and tiny. It is far more horrifying to realize that it was through mistakes that could have been avoided.

Did I tell you yet how HOT it is here?


misguided mommy said...

too short...need bigger update. whats going on with you? miss you! low 90's NO THANK YOU! Oh wait, shit it's gonna be 95 all week next week

Anonymous said...

Well, you chose to live in that smoggy hellhole, you twisted bitch. Go on, take the insurance money and run...woowoowoo!