Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here There Be Pirates

Both of the kids have decided to be pirates for Halloween this year. My daughter wanted them to do this last year but my son was in a "sisters are awful people" stage (well he still sort of is) and didn't want to. This year I bought him the $24.99 hat which makes anyone with long hair who puts it on instantly look like Jack Sparrow. I am writing about this because I actually bought these costumes a month ago. I have never bought a costume with more than two days to go until Halloween in my life. As a matter of fact, last year I was out with my daughter at 8:55 on October 30th looking for a black dress to go with her bird costume (which was a fall back anyway, because her mother didn't get it together enough to get the stuff for the costume she really wanted...which I can't remember what it was). It is weird to walk in to a costume shop where all of the costumes are still there, with no "sold out" stickers, and they aren't ripped...or stuffed back in the bag because the last person who tried them on really doesn't care because they aren't going to buy it. We also bought some decorations.

But, I seriously think I can't go through with either the walking around with James, or the handing out candy. I am thinking too many memories. Even my next door neighbor is apprehensive about it. He and Leonard used to take the boys out with a wagon. Why a wagon? For tired toddlers? No. For overloads of candy? No. For the cooler they used to keep refreshments for themselves cool? If you answered that, you answered correctly. My husband was not a fan of Halloween (or Holloween as he spelled it, and used to crack his daughter up), because of some of the ridiculous costumes his mother made him. His brother got to be superman...Leonard? A pumpkin. His brother got to be batman! Leonard? a Mushroom. "But I don't want to be a mushroom..." He stopped trick or treating the year she dressed him as a girl.

Slowly but surely, through the joy and excitement of our children, he was beginning to enjoy the day...the beer helped as well. This is the first of the "family holidays" and I really don't know if I can do it at all. But I know that I have to. I've tried running, it doesn't work very well.

My kids are going to look really cute though. My daughter didn't even pick what her father would have called a "pirate slut" look...even though there were lots of those to choose from. They both look like normal pirates....down to the bird.


Jess T said...

Yay! That is fun. How cute!

I think I'm going to be a judge. I'll just reuse my grad gown from June. :)

Tessie said...

A beer cooler in the wagon! That is a great story. I'm glad you're writing these down.

Marsha said...

I love the beer cooler in the wagon, I am thinking of doing that myself, somehow I always end up being the one going door to door.

Shannon said...

Will you post photos of your pirates?

I am seriously in love with the beer cooler idea. If I didn't live in rural-ville, I would do that, too. Ingenious. We aren't going Trick or Treating this year, but I'll drink a beer in honor of Leonard on Halloween (or Halloweiner as my lovely husband calls it).

You know, reading your posts lately has REALLY made me realize how many memories are ingrained in the simplest things.

Lots of hugs. Hopefully today will be a good day.

The Stevens Family said...

This has a much more upbeat feel to it than the last couple of posts and that makes me smile. I hope the "upness" stays a while.

Artemisia said...

The kids are going to look great! And I am super impressed you already have the costumes.

I am sure it wasn't always funny to Leonard, but it sure was funny to read what his mom dressed him up as. A mushroom? How do even think of that?

I am sure there will be moments where the holiday will be difficult, but I do hope you all have a fun, fun time.

Kathy said...

I wonder if my grown children have awful memories of the ridiculous costumes I threw together for them just hours before trick-or-treating?! I am impressed by the month prior preparation Laura!

My thoughts are with you and I wish you didn't have to go through all of this. The holidays are coming up all too soon.

Hugs to you!

Laurie said...


You do Leonard proud!! No mushrooms or pumpkins in this crowd. The girl costume is downright mean. My husband Corky did the same thing when taking the boys out, only no wagon, just a playmate cooler stocked up, how funny. I hope you make it through okay and I know James will appreciate it alot. And I agree with Kathy above, the holidays are coming way too fast.
Hold on sweetie, you are doing it one step at a time.

Laurie in Ca.

Shari said...

I've always just let the kids be what they wanted to be. This year Kourtni is a cheerleader. Jennee and her friend is going to be the Terrible Twins (whatever that is).

A neighbor a couple of blocks away always has a bunch of people on their front yard. They have a huge table out and they offer shots to the adults who walk with the kids. I've always declined the shot, but I did find it amusing.

Thanks for sharing your memories of the wagon full of cold beer. :)

Jess said...

Too bad I'm pregnant or I think I would steal Leonard's idea and pack a cooler in a wagon, lol. :-)

Ella and her friend Ryan were going to be pirates this year but we decided that for our very first Kansas Halloween that Ella had to be Dorothy. Ryan is going to be the Cowardly Lion.

Leonard was in good company - I was dressed as a hobbit and as a pilgrim during my childhood. I think Rach insists that I asked for both costumes but I find that *very* hard to believe!

rachd said...

The thought of Leonard as a mushroom did me in--then you mentioned the girl, LOL!! :oD Poor Leonard!

The costumes sound fantastic and I can't wait to see pictures! :o)

Don't worry, you'll make it. You're the Mommy, and it's what we do. We still haven't carved a pumpkin with Lil yet. I can't face it, but I will.


Scott said...

I don't think boys ever outgrow the "icky sister" thing, it just mellows out over time. But we will defend her against any guy our whole life.

I'm with Shannon, a beer on Halloween in your husbands honor. I don't think I've had a beer on Halloween since I've been married, but the cooler idea sounds good! At the very least I will open a cold one before the end of the night.