Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Honeymoon...and other things

Some of your responses to my last post gave me an idea for this one. First of all, thanks so much for your ideas (and, JessT, I was going to drive out to New Jersey). I am trying to think of something/anything to just get us all out of the house, away from the snow, and the sad for awhile.

Leonard and I went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. It was my idea because we really had no idea what to do, didn't want to be gone for very long (his vacation time was pretty much used up), and didn't want to part with a whole lot of $$. So, I went to the travel agent--it was "back in the day"--and looked around for long weekend vacations. I found a package that included a train from Windsor,Ont (We live right across the river) to Niagara, with hotel included. So, I booked it. Leonard always wanted to take a train trip. After getting up at 6 AM the morning after our Wedding night...and then listening to two 7 year olds play action figures ("Pew!" "Pew!" "Kaboom!" for three hours, he got over ever wanting to do that again. But it was fun, to just be with him. We had a ready made family with 6 year old Nikki, so it was odd for it to be just the two of us. We did all of the honeymoon things, starting with telling the hotel staff it was our honeymoon, and getting freebies. Brides get into every attraction for *free* on their honeymoon. Although the price for one on some of the stuff was pretty expensive. We had our photo taken in front of "the falls", had dinner in the Skylon, took a bus tour that included the Carmelite mission, where Leonard stopped in and bought 18k gold charms of hope, faith and love for Nik. I swear she has more "real" jewelry than me because of her dad. We stood in long lines for the "Maid of the Mist" and "Journey under the Falls"...and... I had a zit. A really big one right on my chin. One that made us laugh like heck in our room. One that Leonard said I should put in a baggie to save for our "scrapbook"... We visited the "Ripley's Believe it or Not" Museum and so many of the attractions on Clifton Hill. We went to the Niagara Falls Museum and stuck our names up on the tree. We visited the Floral Clock and had our picture taken, all tourist-like, with a Mounty. And we loved each other. And had a great time, even though sometimes standing in line was annoying and the train trip was actually interminable and the walk to the Skylon tower in my heels from our hotel was a lot longer (and painful) than I thought. I have pictures from that night (I'll scan them maybe sometime) and he was never more handsome. Strike that, he was alwasy incredibly handsome.

I don't think that is a place I could go without him, for he is imprinted on the landscape there. But that was a great idea you guys and I thank you for thinking of it.

Today I did an appraisal on a HUGE house in the Pointes. For those not familiar with MI, the Pointes would be Grosse Pointe Woods, Farms, Shores, Park, and village of Grosse Pointe. Usually, in the big houses, you meet the nouveau riche-who are snotty and full of themselves- or the elderly, with even older money, who haven't updated their houses in over 80 years. Today, I entered a beautiful, traditionally restored home on one of the more prestigious streets... and I was impressed by its owner. He was, without trying, nice. We talked about their dog, their son (an only child who suffers from a debilitating illness but still leads a normal life), the restoration etc. He mentioned my husband and I said he had passed away. And he was truly sorry...and I believed him. A lot of times it doesn't come across as sincere so I usually ignore "husband comments" and act like I didnt' hear them... or, I lie. I lied this time as well. I said it was a car accident. I just didnt' want to share it all. I guess the moral of this story is that there are truly good people at all income levels.


Artemisia said...

When a near stranger shows genuine caring it can make so much difference, can't it?

I still remember the kindness of a tourist when I lived in DC. It really nearly saved me.

Jeanette said...

I haven't been to the "Pointes" in ages. We used to love to drive down those streets and dream of living in any one of those huge beautiful houses! Now I wouldn't want to have to clean it! Of course, if you can afford to live in one of those houses you can afford a maid, too!

Ortizzle said...

Yes, not all people with money are fake, self-serving snobs. Thank goodness.

I understand the little white lie, too. For reasons I can't go into, but... I so understand the need to do that. And it doesn't really matter one whit. I have dealt with that kind of loss, and sometimes the only thing that keeps you going are those little signs from friends and strangers who wish you were not in pain. And those little gettaways. So I hope you manage to do that soon, too.

Erin said...

What a great honeymoon story. I love how it's those little things that you really remember. Our honeymoon was much the same way: we went camping in the ozarks (mid-MO) for two nights. I don't remember much of the bigger details, but I remember what we laughed about and how we had to go out searching for Cool Ranch Doritos that night because we both NEEDED THEM SO BAD.

My heart goes out to you Laura.

desperate housewife said...

What a great honeymoon story! And I definitely second the idea of trying to get away for awhile... ANYONE can feel despair when the weather is like this; I know I do. I've been trying to arrange some kind of getaway for us, too, though with two small kids, one breastfeeding, it won't be hugely relaxing! But still, just to be somewhere WARM for a few days!

Kathy said...

Wonderful story Laura, and I am always so amazed by your memories of even the smallest details. How nice that the appraisal job was a nice one. It's almost Sunday, I know they are tough for you. So I am thinking of you and hope that at least a few moments of peace are yours.

Nance said...

laura, you probably could go back to niagara falls. very little of the way it was remains. it's been so built up by casinos and huge luxury hotels now. even the steep, hamstring-aching walk up the hill is very very different.

i love the falls area. we go often, as you probably remember reading over at the dept.

but each time, it's so very changed from when we went when our boys were little. now it's glitzy and glammy and even tacky clifton hill is changed. still tacky, but now it looks different. sigh. things change; that much remains a constant.