Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Heavy title, right? It won't be (in fact I'll wager you'll be pointing your finger at me and laughing) by the end of this post.

I have an addiction, it's serious, and none of my good friends can help me with it. In fact, most times they aid and abet me.

Twilight...or, more specifically, Edward. Full. Blown. Addiction/Obsession/whatever. Why? It's not the writing (not especially well written) not the movie (if Kristen Stewart blinks her eyes 45 times with each line in "New Moon" I swear I'll only go back to see it again only once...maybe twice).

I think it's because, and this is silly even for me, he reminds me so much of Leonard (no not the vampire part).

I submit:
1. First and foremost-the overwhelming need and desire to protect every single person he cares for.
2. The clothing. Back in the "day" (1988 to be exact) my darling danced to the beat of..strike at the stores he just wore different clothes than everyone else.
3. The attitude. Anyone who knew him knew that Leonard belonged in a completely different century.
4. A myriad of other things that I'm just too tired to write here (trust me).


It's because I've got a thing for Robert Pattinson and have ever since Harry Potter and I've just finally found a way to rationalize...

Anyway, there it is. The first step to getting better is to admit you have a problem. Except now I wish I liked the taste of alcohol.

Another funny side note: I was the woman pointing and laughing at all the people lining up outside of Barnes and Nobles at 10 PM for a midnight book release, and mocking the "lack of life there, people". I have become the girl who calls her TX BFF repeatedly to see if she's "got them yet?" in reference to movie tickets. Someone stop me. There's children involved.


Nance said...

Get this: the word verification RIGHT NOW is "lechous." As in awfully, dangerously close to "lecherous." LOL LOL LOL. I am NOT KIDDING.

STRAIGHTEN UP IMMEDIATELY, WOMAN! You have a child in the house. A young man. Imagine if HE were Mr. Pattinson. What would you think of a woman such as yourself with regard to your son?

Now behave! ;-)

Debra said...
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Debra said...

am not as enamored with the whole Twilight thing, the movie was nothing I needed to see more than once. I have noted a plethera of "Vampire" saga's going on. My obsession was Anne Rice's series (still love them), but now I watch "Vampire Diaries". Yes same "Twilight, True Blood" formula, but if you want something to obessess over check out Stephan and Damon Salvatore, yum!

Just keep it to yourself though unless you need to induce vomitting in your child....

Rebecca said...

I'm right there with you, girl, and I don't see a darn thing wrong with it! Can't go to the midnight show, but I've got tickets for tomorrow night at 7pm already sitting in my purse just waiting to be used! Can't wait!

Jeanette said...

I'll be seeing the movie soon, probably not with the masses this weekend, though! I can wait until things calm down! Funny, I only like Robert Pattison as Edward, and not particularly as himself! Good to talk to you again. I envy your Texas weather!!

Donna said...

Well...I must then admit My addiction...True's Not for whimps!!
Glad you dropped in sweetie. You stopped blogging for so long that I figured you'd had enough...Glad that's not the case!
Love You!hughugs

Swistle said...

As you say, the important thing is to identify and admit the problem. The funny thing is imagining how the 12-step program would turn into a huge fan club in about 2 seconds.

misguidedmommy said...

we are kindred spirits. i am pretty sure that i am going to get into a boxing match tonight at the movie tonight when some little ass fuck walks around saying yay jacob

Rach said...

LOL! You and my fifth grade girls. ;oP Enjoy the movie!

And, let's face it, RPatt is rather cute/smoldering. ;o)