Monday, November 26, 2007

Sleepy...I am getting so very sleepy...

I have been sleepy since about 3PM and it is now just going on 8PM. Funny how time drags when you are waiting for a decent hour to go to bed.

On an up note, I was able to do a bit of Christmas shopping online this morning. Hopefully I won't have to step too often into a store this season. It is really hitting hard. It snowed today pretty hard for quite a while but the ground is not frozen and the temps are not below freezing. Stupid me left the last little bunch of leaves raked together, waiting for me to pick up more yard bags. I picked them up...and just as easily left them in the back of the truck. I will now be stuffing frozen leaves quickly into them tomorrow morning in the dark, racing against the DPW.

The turkey (how the heck did I type that turnkey?) turned out okay yesterday and both my father and Nicole's friend showed up. I made more than I thought I did so there are a lot of leftovers. Am I as boring as I am feeling I am with this post?


Heather said...

Hey babe...Thinking of you every day... *hug*

If you get sick of leftovers, we made a fantastic leftover turkey soup last night, simple and delicious. PM me over at the other place if you want the recipe. I miss you...


Laurie said...

Hey Laura,

You are never boring to read. Must just be the way you feel and that's okay. I am with you on the shopping, I hate mingling in the craziness of it all. I am looking forward to getting our tree this year though. My grandson is 2 1/2 and is such a cheap thrill over lights and bling, it will be fun. Rocks excite him!! I think of you every day girl and hope that you are doing okay, or at least the best you can do. I wish I could see snow fall once in my life. It doesn't do that here at the beach.
Well girl, I hope you get a good nights sleep and wake up rested. You are loved.

Laurie in Ca.

Shari said...

Everyone's life is interesting. Sometimes I think I post boring stuff. But I still get readers and some even post. ;)

Leftovers? Make a turkey stew or pie? I knew someone who made a mean turkey tetrazzini. Thinking of you and hoping you had a better day.

haylee said...

Dear Laura:

Due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, most of my shopping has been done on-line for the past number of years. For one who used to revel in the decorations, lights, carolers and festivities, I don't feel a bit short changed. BUT .. I better get my buns in gear soon as time is flying by. I do have all my groceries bought but all I had to do was write a list and have someone else fill it.

I must say your turkey looked yummy! All the bread pieces seem to be cut into neat little squares so I am wondering if you used croutons? Not a bad idea actually and have given it fleeting thought. Dressing, gravy, pea's pudding & Yorkshire pudding (I know, best with prime rob) are family favoritie side-dishes. It is a tradition here in Newfoundland & Labrador that we cook salt beef in a separate pot to flavor the veggies and as a base for the gravy - all cooked in one pot (except the gravey naturally) so less clean-up too. It also makes awesome "pot liquor" for the soup base. I also make cranberry sauce from frozen berries - easy as pie and much tastier than canned, IMO. I am guessing it would be difficult to buy a pea's pudding bag down your way.

The say that turkey naturally induces sleep - not sure if true but works on me and I gratefully take what I can get!

HUGS & BLESSINGS your way.

The Stevens Family said...

Hi! You are not boring. I have thought my past 4 posts have been boring and I still get people that leave comments, so somebodies reading. I sent something to you today, let me know when you get it please! Sorry it took so long to get to you, I am a procrastinator.

KamaAina said...

Boring? Boring?! After weeks of nothing but soul-searing grief, that slice of virtual turkey really hit the spot!

Gina said...

So not boring! Sometimes just getting through the day is enough.