Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random photographs...and Musings

I'm not in a very wordy mood tonight (but that could change once this gets going) and yet I find so much comfort here that I figured I could take a few moments and share a few pictures of our recent trip with you all...or, given the destination, should I say ya'll??

Goggle Boy and/or the Creature of His Cousin's Pool emerges from the depths during a late night swim:

Aunt M and Cousin in law S out for a late night dinner. Are you catching the pattern here? Too much to do, not enough time. They both had sangria, and I was jealous. I took a sip of S's and then Aunt M's (I suddenly feel like Dorothy) just to make it even. They are nectar, I tell you.

Tab Hunter (aka James) strikes a pose. When he was 3, and lounging on the steps of another pool, my girlfriend nicknamed him Tab. Perhaps a future in goofy beach/pool party movies for him? Arrrrghhh.

The kids, happily together, at the WWII plane expo that Uncle R. took them to. They were giving rides in the B-24 for $360. What a bargain for the total enjoyment of watching one's child fly in a 60-70-ish year old plane. I passed on that one. FlyBoy was not too happy. While they were doing this we were checking out the model homes that appear to have taken over the NW Houston landscape. They are gorgeous homes at 1/2 to 1/3 the price of what they would be here. Blew. My. Mind.

And, because all good things must come to an end, the beginning of the ride home. I was grateful at this point to have Aunt M. in the car. She kept James occupied by providing his new puppet with a voice and an alter ego. It was so good to here him giggle again. The ride home was a bit unsettling because the monotony of it all tends to make one think to much about things one would be better off not thinking. And then, on the second day, was the dream. But, all in all, it was good to get away to a place where no memories wait to torture. The only time it gets me (and it did get me one morning) was times when I was talking to R. Leonard adored his cousin R. and they were more like brothers than his real brother. To see us all around the table without the one who should be there made me misty quite a few times.

And since we were talking about sangria above...OMG, I finally found a beer (I can only take occasional sips these days) that is enjoyable (and this coming from the daughter of a man who made his "fortune" in the beer industry. It's a beer with clamato and lime in it. I think it's called "Chelada"... Sounds gross but tasted good...for a beer.


Laura said...

I'm sorry, Laura, CLAMATO and LIME and BEER??? Oh darling, come to Arizona and I'll show you some actual, GOOD beer. ~grin~

Linda said...

Tab Hunter it is...what a gorgeous boy he is. I have a feeling you are going to be in trouble (i only say that because I was soooo jealous when my boys started taking an interest in girls) I used to say "you are a one woman man, and I'm it". The saying "a son is a son until he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter for all of her life", has rung so true with me.
Glad you found an adult beverage that you can tolerate! I can "tolerate" too many for my own good. (but boy can I be fun)


BetteJo said...

... for a beer! Lol! That's how I would feel about it. Beer has never tasted good to me.

Great pics - especially the first one. Goggles always distort the upper lip in a swollen kind of way.

Tapping my foot for those wildflowers...

Classic Charm said...

Lovin your trip photos. And well not sure on the beer, guess I'd have to taste it, HA! Glad you're home.

Rach said...

Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. :o)

The photos of the kids are too wonderful! :o)

Donna said...

Fun pictures sweetie! Those goggles surprised me when your site popped up! fun!!hughugs

Ronni said...

Is that restaurant in the Mercado? If it's the one I think it is, they have the best Borracho Beans in the known world.

Jeanette said...

I saw that beer advertised in a local restaurant and thought it sounded gross, too. But maybe I'll give it a try!

desperate housewife said...

The only beer I've ever really enjoyed is Dos Equis (sp?) with a lime thrown in. It is awesome.

KamaAina said...

Beer with Clamato and lime in it? Bloooorg! Sounds like it'd go well with your infamous mayo-laced spinach-artichoke dip. ;-)

Before you pack up the ol' U-Haul, you might want to consider education, both James' and Nik's... and would you believe, a mutual friend from our other life is moving *to* Mich.?