Friday, November 9, 2007

In under the wire...

Phew... that was close. And to think I almost went to be without posting.

It is another weekend, and I have no idea how I am going to fill it. I have to get my sister-in law's hair color to her. I promised her I would pick it up about a month ago and only just got around to buying it today.

I just got off the phone from talking to a good friend. I met her on the internet. As we were hanging up I told her that it amazes me that the people who have been the most caring... the most concerned... the ones who call, or email, or even go as far as to track down my snail mail and send a card or book, are the friends that I have made on line. And I used to be a cynic about internet friendships. I have to keep in mind to be grateful for that.


Jackie a.k.a. haruka3_2000 said...

Eh, I'm just doing what friends do.

Laurie said...

Hi Laura,

Thinking about you tonight and just wanted to let you know. I am hoping you find something out of the ordinary to do this weekend that makes you feel special and know that you are doing it, step by step. I only can imagine how hard it is for you and I am praying for you friend.
Take care and sweet sleep,
Laurie in Ca.

Shari said...

It does seem that people are more caring online than the ones we are closest to-family and friends.

I am glad we are helping in some small way.

Take care and know that we are thinking of you.

God bless.

Kesha said...

Still thinking of you all the time Laura. Sending you all my love.


Cherry said...

I figured this blog thing was just going to be some fun thing to do amongst a few friends. But then we started getting some traffic and BAM... Internet Friendships!

It never hurts to have a few more people to lean on when you need it most.


Kathy said...

Good morning Laura,
We're trying to get all of the outside chores done today before 'the rains' hit. Saying a prayer of peace for you and your kids.

Misguided Mommy said...

i read this as in the under wire..and i thought to myself odd this post doesn't talk anything about bras...hmm i guess i read wrong

Jess T said...


I am also amazed at the affection and concern we can conjure for people we have never even met. It really is a special thing. It is true human nature at work, without the crap! :)