Friday, December 28, 2007

Two posts in one amazing honor

Thank you Maya's Granny, for this award. I am speechless, and also wordless. I started this blog as a way to document the follies of my life as a stay at/work from home mom, wife and habitual procrastinator. In my mind, after August, I felt like it became a pity party of 1, at times. To know that this blog affects others is a gift.

I am hoping you don't mind, Maya's Granny, that I am quoting from your quote:

"As part of this honor, I’m to name three things that I believe most important to powerful writing and then pass on the award to five blogs I believe deserve recognition."

I have been awful in passing on the awarding honor, but I am going to do so this time.

The three things I find to be most important to powerful writing are:

Level of Engagement--I find myself revisiting the blogs of people who almost become like neighbors in this huge blogosphere. Those who are willing to share every aspect of their lives-good and bad. I wake up wondering what is going on today in the lives of the bloggers I have bookmarked. It is a real talent to make those who read one's blog feel as if they are on the same level.

Simplicity--Sometimes I find myself (or had found in the past) that I was trying too hard to be interesting or humorous. Some of my favorite blogs are written so simply and honestly that that, in itself, is what makes them so very interesting to read.

Perspective--One of the bloggers that I am going to give this award to gave me a bigger gift than I think she will ever realize. I began reading her blog a month or so before I lost my husband. Reading of her loss, the hurt and the yearning gave me perspective on what I had. Sharing her blog with my husband made us both recognize how very lucky we were to have each other and we truly appreciated every day after...with each other, and with our children. I can never repay that gift of perspective. they are:

Rachael, of Life With Hannah and Lily, is the woman I write of above. Many evenings I found myself amazed at her strength, her honesty and also her hope for the future. Her entries on her family, her beloved daughter Lily, and the loss of "Fancy Hannah" are what made me truly appreciate all that was right and wonderful in my life. Thank you Rachael, you are amazing.

Shari, of Literally Blindsided, is a student, wife and mother living with a rare genetic disorder called Usher Syndrome Type II...only she doesn't complain. She educates. She lives her life and shares her triumphs and also the downside of dealing with this disorder. I have learned so much from her.

Betts, of A Night in the Forest, is another young (too young) widow that I have just met. Her blog is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man and wonderful marriage. She comforts me with words that I can relate to, feelings I have had, and fears that I deal with. She is an inspiration to me.

Ronni, of Rants by Ronni. I have only recently begun reading her blog. She lost her husband to suicide shortly before I lost Leonard. Reading back over her blog-the days and weeks immediately following-I am often left reeling with her ability to process it all. She is truly incredible in both her strength, and her willingness to share.

Angie, of DisFUNctionalcity911. I absolutely love reading her accounts of life on the job, of her life with her daughter and boyfriend, and her ability to juggle it all. Some of the calls she shares with the reader have me in tears-of both laughter and empathy.

Again, thank you Maya's Granny... you made my day.


rachd said...

Oh, Laura, you brought me to tears. You sweet, wonderful, strong, brave woman. Thank you!

Ronni said...

Aw...thank you, Laura. I really appreciate that. I had a choice, to either talk about Jim's suicide and my feelings or shut down my blog, which had been going for two years. I decided to carry on, regardless.

Thanks for your support.

You rock. I am in awe of your insight at such a young age.

Shari said...

Oh, wow. Thanks, Laura. I am "wordless", too. I don't know what to type. When I started blogging, it was my intent, my way of advocating about Usher syndrome. That things are not always what they seem. A window looking out instead of in.

I am honored. Wow. (I don't know about that "complain" part, though. I do get frustrated.

"Thank you" just doesn't seem enough. How about a sincere, heartfelt thank you with a lump in my throat? :.)

Jess said...

Thanks for choosing my sister's blog! She has always written it for herself but I know it must mean a lot to her to know that her own thoughts have helped others during the initial stages of grief.

I love finding new blogs to read, I'll be sure to check out the others you awarded!

The Stevens Family said...

Congrats on your award Laura. I love the three reasons you listed to read too. I am going to go check out the other blogs you gave the award to cuz I love finding new reads.

Angie said...

Thank you soo much Laura. I am sorry, I have been very behind in my blog reading lately. I am also so happy to have met you. Being that we don't live that far from each other, we should really met in the real world some day.