Thursday, January 3, 2008

Somebody Stop me

Remember how I said that my father loves to play,"Hey wait! Christmas isn't over yet!"? At least I think I mentioned it, and, if I didn't, I meant to. Ever since I can remember, my father always had a small gift or two for us, long after Christmas day had passed. Sometimes it was even the beginning of February, and usually coincided with the taking down of the Christmas tree. There, now I know that I told least for today. I have picked up that tradition and handed out "Hey wait..." gifts with a "What's that, over under the tree there..." when my dad was over for New Year's Day dinner. It is fun and inexpensive and a way to brighten sagging spirits after the holidays.

Now, here's the confession, I've done this 2x with my kids...already. They received "Hey wait..." gifts, along with my dad so that should be the official end of the season. But wait... As I was standing in line at the post office to pick up a package (thank you so much, Embla) I noticed these really neat matted pictures of Pudge Rodriguez, along with Magglio, Gary Sheffield and Curtis Granderson. They were matted with a canceled stamp from opening day of year. So I bought one for each of the kids. And brought them home. And wrapped them. And did the whole "Hey wait..." thing all over again. And they were happy. And I hope I don't continue this or I will be broke by sometime in Mid May.

Haylee mentioned that it was nice when I commented back on the blog...that it gave it a more chatty feel. I used to do that all the time. But then I fell into a "post and run" mode after August...because I didn't want to look at the pictures of him too long, or really read what I had written. I always mean to comment back, but many times never come back after posting. I am hoping to get back into that again. Because I miss interacting with people, outside of commenting on your blogs. I hope to get better at it again.

This has been a strange, surreal week. I hate, and always have hated, when the children go back to school. James went back today. Nik is still home but I am selfish and I want them both back. I was this awful before so it is really no different. Only there is no one to play with and keep my mind off of this new life. Nik had an appointment today and had the last of her staples removed. She will have to have repeat ultrasounds quite often through her life as this could happen again on the right side. It does not happen often in cystic cases but, when it does, it is life threatening. At least, now we know.

Why is it,whenever I get comfy in my jammies, ready to write for a bit, my mother calls?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of "Hey, wait!" I may have to steal the idea from you (or your father).

Cherry said...

My mom used to give us gifts after Christmas too, but she had actually forgot about them or hid them so well she couldn't find them. Or did she? Parents are cunning that way.

You know, I don't usually comment back in the comments. Sometimes I want to, but never think people actually go back to look. Although I will go back to look on the people's blogs who I know do the comment back thing. I usually try to just email that individual if I happen to have their email, or I'll reference their question in a future post...or (and is more usually the case) I want to respond but I don't get around to it.

Kathy said...

I sure like that idea of surprise gifts after 'the day'.
I also liked reading your answers in comments. I don't usually answer back on my own, same reasons as Cherry's.

Shari said...

It doesn't matter one way or another if a blogger comments back or not. Some don't, some go to the commenter's blog or email to respond. I never used to, but then I just like to do it.

About that "hey wait" thing, that's a good idea. The kids get a lot of gift cards, though. So in a way, they do have something to look forward to-shopping for something they want.

Lissie said...

Hang in there, Laura. We're with you. Ignore the riffraff; they aren't worth your time. It's sad that there are idiots who think they can KNOW what someone else is thinking or feeling. Take heart, dear friend, because we care so very much about you.

Melissa AKA Lissie

rachd said...

I used to comment back on my blog, well before I was receiving so many comments a day. It was also well before B had to start moderating them...:sigh:

My mom used to hide gifts and then find them in February. It was *such* fun! I agree, the "but wait..." gifts are wonderfully fun. :o)


rachd said...

Okay, too funny that Mom and I commented at the same time. :oP

Sarah said...

I would SO go broke with the "Hey, wait, there's more" routine! How fun!

Laura said...

That is very funny. I was giggling just picturing the two of you on your computers in the same room. :)

rachd said...

You would be laughing even more if you could see all FOUR of us with our laptops out...LOL! :oP

Ptah said...

My 'hey, wait' gifts for my daughter were a pair of gloves and a soap dish.

mwdem said...


The "hey, wait" gift is a neat idea. I'm so glad Nic is there with you for the holidays, and I hope she gets better and better as the days and weeks go by. I wish you all healing and hope for the future (especially you, you need to know your grandkids). Your dad is a trooper, as all dads are (I so miss mine still, after 17 years). They always try to heal everything, it seems. I hope you have an uneventful year ahead, except for the magical things that can happen. Stay healthy, keep on taking great care of the "kids",
and you will find out one day that you got through this. You can.

Sharpie said...

I love your dad and the "Hey Wait" presents. I love even more that you are carrying on the tradition. What a really sweet idea! Your kids will always remember that and probably do it themselves one day for their kids. I love that idea. My mom would "hide" stuff and find it later on in the year - but she usually kept it for our birthdays.

Happy New Year to you and thank you for allowing me to come here and share your life with you. You are a really special woman with so much to share with us - I am blessed to know you.

Here's to a Happy 2008.

Jess T said...

I love that idea! :) I've been thinking about you. I'm happy to be back in the loop, even if temporary. :)

Hugs to you! Wishing you a great 2008!

haylee said...

What a nice idea!

The days after Christmas can be anti-climatic so it's a nice buffer back to "normal life" - whatever that is :o)

When our children were in the Santa stage, "Father Time" would visit on New Year's Eve with one nice gift, a book & a stocking refill.

When I overheard the oldest & her friend confess to not believing, I made sure she "overheard" me saying that once they openly admitted to no longer believing, Father Time would no longer visit. Needless to say, my children "believed" long after their peers did not. ha ha

Christmas was so much fun when they believed in the magic.

Jeanette said...

That's a great idea to get past the post-holiday duldrums! And it's always great to hear from you anytime!

The Stevens Family said...

My mom used to find stuff months later that she forgot to put out. We always made fun of her for it and I really don't think it was on purpose. I would go broke by May if I did that because I wouldn't be able to stop either.

As far as the commenting back on your blog, I do it occasionally but I don't think anyone checks back for the response. In your case obviously they do and it does have more of a chat like feeling.

Shelly said...

I love the "Hey wait" gift idea. I may do that with the kids. Rock's birthday is in January, though, so any extra gifts for him usually go towards that!

Ortizzle said...

I think you may be responsible for hundreds of "Hey, wait!" traditions. Great idea.

Betts4 said...

My Mom used to give us 'hey wait' presents, but they were more like 'hey I forgot this one that is here in the back of the closet and just found at easter time.'

We always laughed and enjoyed the moment. Glad your kids did too!

Nance said...

Holy crap. Around the Dept., the "hey wait" presents are the cookies and leftovers. Sigh. We're still eating them.

Oh, and I always holla back at my commenters on the most recent posts. I like to acknowledge their effort, am naturally chatty, and always have more to say.

Karen MEG said...

What a neat idea, with these "hey wait" gifts.. but that wouldn't go over so well here as the kids have so much already overflowing around Christmas it's shameful! Especially with the girlie's BD just a couple days before as well.
Happy New Year to you and your kids, Laura. Hope 2008 brings much better things your way. Glad to see that Nicole is well on the mend, and your little guy is looking great too.

Kristy said...

I love the 'hey...wait' idea too!
Betts4 comment cracked me up....I have been guilty of that as well.
Just thinking (and prayin') about ya ~