Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brown Eyed Girl

I remember. I remember dreading your birth and being excited about your birth. Scared and alone. Happy and joyously exhuberant. That's what happens when your mom is just a kid, herself.

I remember you, a little lion...or was it a lamb? In your first snowsuit, ready to come home. I remember thinking we had a lifetime.

I remember first steps to greet me at my car. First words. Hugs and kisses. Rocking in the chair to Crystal Gayle and dancing you around the room to "Brown Eyed Girl". I remember the sweetness that was your Daddy-to-be, rocking you to sleep the first time he met you. A Daddy/Daughter love affair started.

I remember the "I gotta Go POOPS really, really BAD" trip to Mackinac. The first day of school. You, in play. A play the director didn't think you could be in, until your 5 year old self assured him, "I can

too read..." And you did. Better than a lot of the 5th graders there.

Our wedding day. I remember that too. You with the corsage, and the really big smile... as you held your daddy's hand on the walk from the car.

A new baby brother and the day Daddy made you really and truly ours...

I remember stubborness and unclean rooms. Arguments and tears. But I try not to. Focus on the positive.

I remember the Spelling Bee. How would I, could I ever forget... a trip to D.C., forced marches, fun and love.

Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball games. Years of seemingly endless drives to practices and games.

The first year of high school. Looking back and realizing how quickly that lifetime together would pass.

And now, 18... 18, and almost grown up. The time passed far too quickly. And sometimes it seems as if it didn't happen at all-this life we all had together.

Happy birthday Brown Eyed Girl. We have always been proud of you and we have always loved you.


BetteJo said...

Happy birthday Little Girl! Hope you have a wonderful day!

I can say that because my daughter is 22 - and I still call HER that. :)

TGLB said...

A beautiful letter to you daughter. I hope you share it with her. You're a good mama, Laura.

Jana said...

What a sweet tribute! I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Marshamlow said...

Happy Birthday!

rachd said...

Happy 18th, Nicole! What day and what a beautiful remembrance for her.

Happy birthing day to you, Laura. :o)

Nance said...

I used to scoff at "The Old People" when they knowingly shook their heads and told me how time would go faster as I got older.

They were so very, very right.

Ronni said...

Happy birthday to your eldest!

The next birthday I celebrate will be the 18th of my youngest...

Kesha said...

Happy Birthday!!

Such a moving tribute to your lovely daughter on her (and your) special day. If my Mum had written like that for me I'd have framed it. :)

She's lucky to have you in her life, you're a great Mom Laura.


haylee said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole.

Laura: if you begin to subtract a year from your age from here on in, you & Nik will be twins in about 9 years:)

love & hugs,

Betts4 said...

Wonderful letter, the love you have for you daughter can be read in every line.


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!
Beautiful letter to your "Baby"...hugs to you!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Nik. And what a beautiful woman she has become.

Great job Laura and Leonard.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday -- um, late.

Jess T said...

How sweet! Wow! Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies?

J at said...

You're still quite young miss, don't worry. Happy Birthday, Brown Eyed Girl. I hope you recognize how beautiful you are.

red tin heart said...

Happy birthday Nicole. You are so pretty like your Momma. xoxo nita

Classic Charm said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! Laura your letter is beautiful...still drying my eyes.

Gina said...

She's so pretty!

Happy Birthday to a fellow Pisces!

Shannon said...

She is beautiful!!!

Artemisia said...

Happy Birthday!