Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing Doing

Wanna know how I spent pretty much the entire day? The day in which I was going to clean (for Nik's birthday people), and bake, and do laundry and maybe look at the room that used to be mine? Instead I played Diner Dash for pretty much the whole freaking day. Well, I interspersed it with this and a little bit of this The copter game came for the widow board and the maze game...well one of you posted it, and be glad I can't remember which one of you it was because then I would have someone to blame for the sloth. In my defense---there really is no defense. It was a get through the day kind of day and the work part of it just wasn't going to happen. I did do an appraisal today. A beautiful older home that has gone totally to pot. It always makes me so very sad to see beautiful architecture not taken care of. It is a purchase though so maybe the new owner (but I'm thinking not after meeting this person) will spruce it up.

Yes, tomorrow is Nik's 18th birthday, and also the day I begin telling people that she is my sister, or that I had her at 12...make that 11. Yeah 11. Actually I was 19, which still makes me quite young. Or so I thought. Then why is it I feel so very old? And how is it I can blow as many as 7 hours basically serving little cartoon people little cartoon dinners and then cleaning up after them? What the---


Marshamlow said...

Your games sound more fun than mine. I play spades mostly. I am feeling a bit old at my daughter's birthday and hey I am older than you. You must remember you are very young! From the makeup guru what is the best brand of foundation for a not really that old, but skin looking at bit awful in drug store foundation, kind of person?

Shari said...

You are only as young or as old as you feel. There are days when I feel young and days when I feel old.

That sounds good to me. I won't tell. Start the sisterhood. My baby's birthday is coming up soon...sigh. She will be 8. :( So much letting go.

Hey, I've wasted a few days just blogging and surfing the Internet waves and totally "wiped-out" my day. Ugh. Beem there. but haven't gamed away the day...yet.

red tin heart said...

Tell your daughter happy birthday for me and Elizabeth please.
She is only 2 months younger than Elizabeth. That is pretty neat.
I love old houses too. Have a great weekend. love nita

rachd said...

Have you discovered addicting games? Talk about an excellent way to waste time...

Happy Birthday to Nik! You ARE still young, don't worry. :o)

Happy weekend, Laura! :o)

Jeanette said...

Happy birthday to Nik! You are way too young to have a 18 yar old and I am way to young to have a 26 and 28 year old!
(OMG did I just type 26 adn 28?)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Nik!
And you are not old, because we are the same age, and that would make me old! Hee hee!

Laurie said...

Hi Laura,

It is perfectly fine with me that you slothed your day away. I do that alot sometimes. Happy Birthday to Nik on her 18th. I was just counting back in my mind and realized that my twin boys turned 18, 19 years ago this May. They will be 37 Yikes! You have a ways to go young lady before you realize you will be 60, like me next week. I don't get it:) I am still your age in my mind and heart. What we have been through makes us feel old at times, but what lies ahead will keep us young at heart. Have a wonderful weekend.

Laurie in Ca.

Ortizzle said...

Happy Birthday to Nik.

Happy Sloth Day to you. Sloth is good now and then. :-)

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Nik !!!! Have fun on your special day!!

Woli said...

Please don't tell a soul but I waste many an hour playing games on Webkinz. I especially like playing the game that closely resembles Battleship. I get so excited when I win until Doug reminds me that some eight year old girl in California is probably crying because she has just lost to me. Hope this makes you feel better!


Sarah said...

I don't know about serving the cartoon people little cartoon dinners and cleaning up after them, but it doesn't appeal to me -- I don't like cleaning up after REAL people! Please don't tell me any more ways to waste time online -- blog surfing is bad enough!

Classic Charm said...

I think we all have those kinda days...and we do need them I glad you had time to sloth. Happy Birthday to Nik too.
And yes, you are still very young.