Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"I'm a single mom...it's difficult...", says Reese Whitherspoon

Really? It is? With millions and a nanny?

I am being my usual angry and judgemental self (of late) today. James and I went to the grocery store because I think I have my plans cemented. He will have Thanksgiving with my mom and grandma, and I will make a turkey for us on Sunday. While standing in line I noticed an issue of OK! magazine. I confess to having a subscription to People magazine for 2 years until Leonard talked me out of it. I miss it... I picked up the magazine and started paging through it, not recognizing half the names and wondering where the heck I have been for the last decade or so of television and motion pictures. I came to a story on Reese Witherspoon and that was the headline. I read on thinking what could possibly be tough when one makes millions of dollars, can take as much time off as she wishes, has a nanny (verified by the article) etc...etc...etc... I thought perhaps she would talk of the emotional strain, or how sad it is to not be a two parent family, missing the support. No, it was about juggling work and parenting. Which I am sure is tough, but for some reason really rankled me tonight.

For me, and I am only new at this, being a single parent is tough because of missing my husband, needing my husband, relying on my husband, worrying that I am messing up my children's minds and hurting for them. And I am lucky. We had life insurance, my husband had a good job, I am able to continue to afford the COBRA and still stay home and work from here.

For others it is far worse. No husband/wife, no insurance, sometimes working two jobs, no nannies.... and it makes me angry to read about how tough Reese has it. There wasn't one spot in the article where she said she was grateful for all that she had. Strike that. There was this: "I have a nanny who is very helpful." That's nice.

I can tell I am in a cranky mood tonight. I seem to have two settings this week. Miserable and Angry. Nothing else. Today the slightest things are setting me off. I am not being a very good mom. Today the feelings of wanting to run to that nowhere place are very strong.

Today I am thankful for little boys who help bring in the groceries after loading the car.


Marsha said...

Reese has always come across to me in a very entitled kind of way. Did you hear about the girl from the OC, I cannot remember her name, she said that being pretty is so very tough. In a way it is kind of sad that so many people choose to only see what they don't have, or the half empty glass. I don't know if you think about it, how miserable must ones life be if you could have so much and still feel like it isn't enough.

Shari said...

There's always something that someone is not happy about. Reese could just afford to take off a few years and just be a full-time mom if she wanted to.

To me, a rich person is one who is content with what he/she has.

I am sure that James is going to be a big helper to you. Single parenthood is harder, yes, I was divorced for two years before I remarried. What's important is that you can be there for them.

God bless you, Laura. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

haylee said...

Dear Laura:

I am not certain of Reese's circumstances but I assume she is divorced or possibly never married. (correct me if I am mistaken)

If my assumption is correct, I feel I should point out the HUGE difference between being a "single" parent as opposed to an "only" parent.

With some exceptions, a divorced non-custodial parent (or shared custody) is still involved and accessible to the child/ren. If the arrangement is amiciable, there is someone to "co-parent" the child/ren -- someone to share decision-making and ease the load, so to speak.

"Only" parents don't have such options and I think that clearly sets them apart and makes parenting an even more daunting task - as if it wasn't challenging enough!

Some people see things through a lens only as it pertains to them. Surely if Reese took a peek around, she'd see how relatively easy she has it despite the challanges of single-parenting. She has so many opportunities to change her cicumstances (i.e taking time off to be a SAHM) that simply do not exist for most people.

Sunday turkey sounds like a good plan. Perhaps moving aside established traditions to create some new ones may be advisable at this time.

I do hope that your memories of happy times bring you some measure of comfort.

Gina said...

I hope that you can get out of the Miserable and Angry settings soon.

And little boys who help bring in groceries rock!

Emblita said...

Ah yes, poor little rich girl syndrome. They just don't realize how conceited they sound to us plebs. I think that celebs have become increasinly disassociated from the real world. Like they have no concept of hardship or life beyond what they experience.
Horribly annoying.

But, good to have a little boy who helps with the groceries.
Happy Thanksgiving!
You're in my thoughts

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I agree with the comment about only vs. single. HUGE difference.

And perhaps she never mentioned missing her ex because she didn't want to seem desperate. Or because she's mad at him. I think the fact that he's still alive changes things a LOT.

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Karen MEG said...

I agree with the others. I think super-wealth like that makes your world seem a bit of a fishbowl. She likely doesn't have to work another day in her life and will be quite comfortable.
And her single parenthood was a choice; very different circumstance.
I flip through People every so often, but these types of stories really get my goat too. She should be thankful about what she has.

Hope you're feeling better today.

The Stevens Family said...

I get tired of celebs entitlement comments too, but I have to agree with the only vs. single debate here. It is totally different she still has him to consult and talk to whether she wants to or not, that is a different issue all together.

Jess T said...

Just laugh at her, what else can you do? It isn't worth getting upset over. :)

Hang in there! I'm glad to hear that you have your plans together for Thanksgiving. I hope it turns out wonderfully.

KamaAina said...

Oh pish tosh! Reese Witherspoon thinks she's all that, when in fact she has a chin that could cut diamonds. I mean, seriously, take a look at the thing sometime. There is a definite possibility that she is Jay Leno's love child!

Okay, enough with the Reese-bashing. Hau'oli La Ho'omaika'i (Happy Thanksgiving) from Hawai'i!

Ortizzle said...

Well, since you are coping very well with a whole lot more than Reese (in spite of what you may sometimes think to the contrary), consider yourself a whole lot more talented and capable!

Happy Thanksgiving: I think you're right to make it your own. Here's a virtual hug from my corner of the blogosphere. ((( )))