Friday, January 11, 2008

Little speckles of brightness

RachD calls them sparklies, and I think I am figuring out how to spot them, even among the really sad weeks. I am attempting to make myself (force myself) into feeling better.

A wonderful couple that I know from DU sent a care package of cookies for Nicole...and they are delicious, and healthy too as they are free of gluten and refined sugar. We are not super healthy eaters but, if healthy food tastes this good, we may just become healthier.

Embla sent me a wonderful murder mystery and a bag of candy. The book is a pager turner and the candy is delicious. I may just have to get her to smuggle more in. My son was so excited to hold a box that was "actually in Iceland" that it made me smile. Thank you Embla for doing that.

JessT is having her baby today and perhaps has already had him. I love the name Nathan and am sending all the positive vibes in the world that he arrives safely, to join his adorable big sister, Sydney. Jess, I am so happy for you that the day you've waited for his finally here.

I bought a new vacuum and my sheltie fur infested rugs look brand new. It is an Oreck, to replace our old Oreck--that apparently is just clogged up and is right now having a tune up. When I found out it wasn't broken I still decided to buy a new one because...well...ummm...because retail therapy can be good for you sometimes and I got a free cordless iron (worth $80) and a free broomstick vac ($100!) and a free canister vac ($200). Now, you don't all think I really believe that the $499.95 for the Oreck upright doesn't have all of that underwritten in there somewhere I hope. But, I also get 1 annual "tune-up" for the next 10 years. I will say (and I am not being paid to) this, Oreck vacuums are delightfully wonderful, and light. And when you suffer from RA that is a very good thing. (No, I am not a Martha Stewart fan...I mean she's okay and all...)

I finally got all of the decorations down (well, except for the standing stuffed bear and the plaster Santa Claus, but those don't really count).

This one is something I have been trying to do for my daughter (and son) for a very long time and it wasn't me that accomplished it. A friend of mine, from the above mentioned website, has made it possible for Nicole to finally meet Maggs. The best I have ever done is writing a letter asking him to sign a picture she had taken of him (and he did). This wonderful woman has made it possible for her to actually be in the same room with him.

I cannot believe all that people have done for us. I am amazed by the friendships I have formed with so many because of this blog, and our participation on DU. It is the truth that this blog has pretty much kept me from falling off that edge and not being able to climb back up. You are there when we're hurting and scared. You are there to share the accomplishment of another day lived through...without the one I needed most. Thank you for talking to me, listening to me, crying with me, and loving my children. I still am utterly astounded by it all.

And, Rachael, I believe you are right in thinking about and noticing sparklies in everyday life.


Betts4 said...

I love retail therapy. Too much. :)

Shari said...

I do retail therapy, too. It's better than eating a gallon of ice cream.

Wonderful that so many people are sending care packages and stuff. That's great. There are so many caring people in the world.

haylee said...

Laura -- wonderful sparklie post :)

There are a lot of gems in this world.

Congrats to JessT & welcome wee Nathan!

Jeanette said...

You sound good in your post today. Keep looking for those sparkles. How exciting for Nicole to be able to meet Maggs! Woo Hoo!

Jess said...

I love this post, Laura. So many positives! I can't wait to hear all about Jess's delivery and see pics of little Nathan. I hope you have more "sparkly" moments this weekend!

The girl left behind said...

For awhile, when I felt like I was sinking into bitterness and negativity I was worried I'd never get out of, I kept a daily "good things" list, of things that pleased me during the day. It was good to focus on what was good instead of what wasn't, and I found myself LOOKING for them; a whole new focus. I think you'll find it does wonders.

rachd said...

Laura, I honestly believe it was those sparklies that got me through those first tough tough tough days and weeks. They still get me through. Hannah found them in simply everything and how can I do less? What better way to honor the Monkey than to find the beauty and good in every day?

I love your list, and I love that you're looking for them. You may find they help. As for retail therapy, I'm ALL over that! :oP

Know we love you and pray for you every (EVERY!!) day! :o)


Emblita said...

I'm so happy that the parcel could bring a little joy- I'm happy to send more candy! I might even throw in some very odd Icelandic candy, namely chocolate covered salt licorice. It sounds weird. But it rocks :รพ