Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On Speaking Too Soon...

Tuesday, 4 AM: "Mom, I have really bad gas..." "Try laying on your left side..."

4:15 AM: "It hurts Mommmeeeeee!!!!" "Shhhhhh...it's okay, baby, I'm right here" It is fun trying to sleep with a rolling bowling ball of a sick 9 year old.

4:20 AM: "I think I'll get up and walk around" sigh..forget about sleep.

So we got up and went into the living room. I installed him on the couch with the new (white) down comforter, and turned on the television.

5:15: (this is my owned damned fault because I should have listened to myself when myself said go get a bucket...just in case... ) Major tummy upset, all over the carpet, the comforter (why can they never make it to the bathroom even when you are asking them eleventy billion times if they feel like they have to throw up?)

5;30: Comforter in wash, carpet scrubbed and I now have clean spots that make the rest look worse, child ensconced once again on couch.

6:30: Repeat. Except, this time, there is a bucket.

I think the whole country has the flu.


Rebecca said...

Ah geez. Sorry to hear that. Not what you guys need right now. Few things are worse than cleaning up vomit at 5am. Poor you – both of you!

You’re right, I think. The whole country has the flu. Both of mine had the barfy virus last month, and my 3-yr old now has either a bad cold or mild flu now.

Hopefully you’re dealing with a quick, 24 hr variety. Prayers that nobody else gets sick!! It’s that time of year… hang in there, it’ll be spring soon!

The Stevens Family said...

Oh no! I hate throwing up. You are definitely right though, the whole country does have the flu. Poor James for throwing up and poor you for having to clean it up!

Marsha said...

I can remember one time when my kid puked all over her bed, I got her cleaned and settled into my bed. Meanwhile I was cleaning up her blankets and trying to get the smell out of her mattress when she puked all over my bed. I hate that. The smell never seems to come out of the mattress or couches. Don't you wish you could strip the naked and put them in the tub for 48 hours? Hope he feels better soon and that you do not catch it. Knock woods.

Hope said...

Hi Laura, thanks for your visit, via gina's blog. I visited a few days ago, and stayed for quite a while, riveted... but I had not one word to comment, your life.. so exposed, all I wanted to do was give you a wordless, long hug. But I'm back because I could not get you off my mind. That's the wierd thing about blogging for me, as gina so eloquently described on her blog, the ability to connect with those you would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.
I'll be visiting often and certainly sending healing light your way.
On another note, I have watched Degrassi since it's first episode... followed it through the generations.. it became a wonderful catalist for conversations with my then teenage daughter.


Emblita said...

Ugh. Stomach flues are the worst.
We've been battling with cold a fever over here- so none of us have been getting any quality sleep.

Here's to getting better soon!

Shannon said...

Oh no! I think we are on the mend. Hopefully nobody else gets sick and he feels better today.

Artemisia said...

Oh, shit. I am sorry!

Jess T said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sending you hugs. I am so sorry you guys are getting the crap kicked out of you.

Healing and healthy vibes!


The Stevens Family said...

Hey laura just wanted to let you know I exposed myself on your 7 weird meme thing! Take a look if you'd like.

rachd said...

Oh, lordy, Laura, I'm sorry.

Here's hoping James feels better SOON!! Here's also hoping you and Nik don't get it. Yuck!


Nance said...

Yesterday, for the first three periods, I had two kids in each class ask urgently for restroom passes, then upon their return, for clinic passes. They all had the tummy crud. I told them to please stay home until they felt wholly well.

I'm terrified of being next.

My sympathies to James, and here's hoping it ends with him.

Shari said...

Oh, ugh. Vomit is the worst next to the other kind at the other end. Yours truly has to clean that stuff up; it's enough to make me want to heave. Oh, no, your comforter and rug. Cleanable, though, right?

Hope James gets better soon. I hope Micole is eating more, too.

Here's to staying healthy. Take care. I hope no one else catches it.

Angie said...

Ugh! I just got over the stomach flu. I had it on christmas eve. It was horrible! I really hope your daughter can keep from getting it, being that she is having such a tough time. Take care

Gina said...

Dude, the stomach thing going around is horrid. I'm so sorry your house has been hit with it. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't spread!

Thinking of you, Laura, and hugs as always.

Jeanette said...

Oh nothing worse than a puking kid, except for maybe puking yourself. I should have put that in my weird things, that I have this insane fear of choking to death on puke! Gross, I know.

Donna said...

SO sorry she's sick..and yes, 'tis the season for all those bad bugs!! Hopefully You don't catch it!! Also, come by my blog and get your copy of an award I want you to have!!! You're sweetness and light....much love to you!!

Jess said...

Ugh, I hope health returns to your household soon. Hang in there, Laura.